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Iran: Enhanced Terrorist Capabilities and Expanding Target Selection!

U Ibe only Middle Eastern state sponsor to be implicated ia terrorist alUeks so farhe1 Hiiballah car-bosnb alUck thatIsrael's raobassy ia Burners Aire* detssoe-sirstteslo permit its surrogates lo conduct liter-scale attacks OO IsraeliWe belieie Iranupporting Ilixballah's plans lo attack US

Terrorist Attacks Claimed by the Turkish Itlomie Jihad

bomb exploded at an El Al

airlines office in Istanbul. Turkey.

8 audi diplomat was shot and killed outside Mis residence in Ankara. Turkey.

audi military attache was severely injuredar-bomb attack in Ankara. Turkey.

0 ar bomb exploded under an unoccupied vehicle belongingaudi diplomat in Ankara. Turkey

1 An Iraqi diplomat was injuredar-bomb attack in Ankara. Turkey.

1 SAF sergeant was killed and his

wife injuredar-bomb attack in Ankara. Turkey

An Egyptian diplomat wasnjuredar-bomb attack In Ankara. Turkey

2 The Chief of Security al the Israeli Embassy in Ankara was killedar-bomb atiock

USAFscrgcani jnd injured his wife The TIJ also claimed responsibility for another ear-bomb attack later ihal day. which seriously wounded an Egyptian diplomat.

Targeting Israel/Jewish Emigre Interests lean is usingHizballahand possibly its own iDielligcnceUk. the lead in targeting Israeli interests. Inerrortsls. who. webelic*c. hadranian intelligence, launched an unsuccessful roc* et propelled grenade attack against (hece ir Istanbulnn arid/oe surrogates alto appear res^>onTiole (or2 car-bomb ai*.in Ankaraby ibe Turkish "Islamichilled the Israeli Embassy's chiefity officet. Mosl recently, the Iterromi

nJmtr/ut ejr iofni itai levtitJ

to navearch thaiRlx' ires:

ulled responsibility for I'mbiisAj. On li March, ihc Cuttlilluniijuc reiterating its

earlier claimuicide driver had perpetrated ihe aiiack and authenticated ii byideotape of ihe Israeli Embassy before the aiiack.

If nt ind ils sui regales also arc targeting Jewish emigre interests. Groups with histories of support from Iran, for esample, remain the likely suspects in the1 car-bomb aiiackus of CIS Jewish emigres in Budapest. Hungary:

Aa ofizballah and the Palestine Islamic Jihad (PI J) beganoint operation against Jewish emigresarsaw synagogue and the Budapest airport,

Iranian agents also appear to have attacked ihe Italian and Japanese iranslalorsor The Satanic Verses ineveral days before he was attacked, the Italian translator claims io have been questioned about his pasl workan saying he was from ihe Iranian Embassy in Rome. The Japanese translator was killed

by hu assailant These operations suggest Iran has shifted from attacking organiuisons affiliated with thebouses andoinvofvsd in us publication, as called for in Ibe original/arwfl.ebruary, Iranian Foreign Minister Vclaynti publicly confirmed that Ihc death edict against Salman Rushdie remained in force, andLeader Khamenei's representative io an Iraav an foundation reiterated the foundation's willingness lo pay atI million reward for Rushdie's dealh.l



Tehran's already substantial terrorist capabilities will increase as it solidities ties to Palestinian and Islamic fundamentalist organizations. For now, Iran will sponsor easily deniable attacks on US target* and allow Hizballah to retaliate for Musawi'sTehran also wfJJ encourage its surrogates to attack targets in Israel and the security zone in Lebanon, as well as Israeli and Jewish targetsas opportunities arise. Iran is unlikely, however, toajor terrorist campaign unless the Arab-Israeli peace talks yield what Tehran views asconcessions on land or the political future of the occupied territories. In addition, Tehran's terrorist capabilities will further increase as tt seeks to solidify relations wiih Palestinian Eroups and

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