Created: 6/13/1962

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SUBJECT: Report of Meeting at the White House, 2

I. eeting was held at the White House onune to discuss certain aspects of the situation in Southeast Asia. The following were present-

Thc President

Department of Defense

Secretary McNamara Genoral Lemnitzer Mr. Gilpatrick Mr. Nitze Mr. W. Bundy

Department of State

Secretary Rusk Governor Harriman

White House

Mr. McGeorge Bundy Mr. Forrestal


Mr. Cooper

2. The principal matter for discussion was Secretary McNamara's propositi to improve the US logistic position Inby providing that country with additional transport equipment (including rolling stock), ipeline for POL., and airfield This program is to costillion. It will also necessitate tho despatch ofdditional US military personnel (primarily construction personnel) to Thailand.

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President subscribed to this proposal and suggested that it be Implemented in the formivil aid program.

3. Secretary Rusk discussed the recent agreement of the three Princes. He emphasized that this was just the beginningew process toenuinely neutral Laos. He urged that we be very watchful during the next several weeks and pointed out that between now and the signing of the Geneva Agreements, there would be plenty of opportunities for "doublecross. " In particular, he viewed with concern the absence from Laos during late June and early July of both Souvanna (who will be attending his daughter's wedding in Paris) and Phoumi (who will head the Lao Delegation in Genova), with the government in the hands of Souphannouvong. Because of the tenuous nature of the situation in Laos, he emphasised that contingency planning for using American forces in Laos should continue. Secretary McNamara and General Lcmnitzer assured the President that such planning was well

The President raised the question of working out some arrangements with Souvanna that might resultloserbetween Souvanna and the West. Governor Harriman pointed out that major responsibility for exerting influence on Souvanna would probably havo to be given to the French, but that we were planning to take some initiatives as well. The Governor noted that much of the responsibility in this respect might rest with CLA and that the Agency had some plans to Implement this. onfirmed this (on the basisad earlier this morningPresident requested afrom tho Department on political actions that the US was planning with respect to the new government of Laos.

Other matters raised and discussed briefly were:

a. In responseuery by the President, Governor Harriman indicated that we wore pressing the Korean government to reform its legal system going ahead with discussionstatus of Forces Agreement.

b. Mr. Unger, who is now DCM, Bangkok, has been appointed aa the new ambassador to Laos and is to report there as soon as pcaisible.

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