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A. Counterinsurgcncy Programs

I. Citizens Irregular De fount' Croups (CIDG'b)

a. The Vietnamese Communist (VC) attack ofay at Kinh Quoc Gla in Father Hoa's area resulted inSea Swallows" killed in action,ounded in action and the loss of two BAR'S. While onlyC bodies were found, an investigation revealedew graves north or the Tan Hung Tay market, presumably VC victims of the battle with the "Sea Swallows".

steel matting helicopter pads were installedHung and will be used for training Father Hoa'sin helicopter-borne operations and forsupplies and transportation of personnel.

ofotalhsde villagers had

been trained at Buon Enao. This brings the total of defended

villagesf whichave medical specialists trained

at Buon Enao. Two ARVN platoons completed training and

returned to their units In Darlac Province,otal

of six such platoons trained. Another two ARVN scout

and one Surete platoon entered training.


groupaw recruits provided by theLiaison Office are being processed| ll'mi

Due training center to enter training. After com^Bn of training they will be assigned to form two new Clandestine Action Service Airborne Companieshe 5th and 6th.

2. Joint Operations with GVN Intelligence snd Security Services

a. The preliminary InterrogationorthSignal Corpst who deferheua been


TS -i- ,/

ElISecurity Agency expert haaarrived tr. Saigon to

this defector Jointly withh

ofll provincial intelligencehave been completed. otal ofinishedbeen forwarded to Commissioner Nguyenn various stages of completion.

contract was signed for the construction of theCenter and work has begun. The contractcompletion of the main interrogation facility in

B. Covert Intelligence

bsasseta have reported projected changes in the

of CivicTction. une Minister Ngo Trong Hieu

stated that President Diem had directed that the three major elements of youth, civic action, and information revert to theirtatus of autonomous entities and thnt the Ministry Secretariat be abolished. Diem also directed that Civic Action teams cease functioning as aggressive combat units and be used only for self defense. The exact date for implementing these changes is not yet known but the changes are regardedlow to the prestige of Hieu.

l lasse: has reported that the Vietnamese Air Force

wasthte impressed and pleased with the establishment

the Joint Operations Center (JOC) and resultant improvement

In operational effectiveness.

3. Limited public opinion sampling in Phong Dinhof Saigon) confirms previous reporting that the peasant,most part, is hostile or haswait-and-see"the regime. Reasons were: injustices of GVNof village by GVN forces, inadequacy of GVN aid to

These reports constitute initial resultsontinuing

proerarn designed to better determine rural attitudes and

reactions. i go" wiU attempt to determine the reaction of the populststrikes.


II. SOUTH LAOS (Paramilitary Operation*)

pecial Clandestine Action Service six-man team with two Laotian guides was launched to conduct reconnaissance and harassmenthe vicinity of Muong Nong. located aboutiles south of.


A. Intelligence

1. ingleton agent was putashore by junk in the Phat Diem area on the nightune. The agent is to proceed overland to Hanoi to reestablish former contacts with Catholic groups and report on possible sabotage targets, as well as political and economic conditions. The agent is scheduled to return in one month.

2. Another singleton agent was put ashore by junk in Thanh Hoa Province onune. This agent is also to proceed overland to Hanoi in an attempt to recontact persons formerly employed with htm in intelligence activities. Targets are order of battle and political and economic information.

B. Paramilitary

junk transportingeam of underwater swimmers (UDT)

launched anayission whose objective was to destroy

one or more Swatow class gunboats moored near Ba Don, located approximatelyiles north ofh parallel. Withinilometers of the target the junk was chaUenged and then pursued by tsro larger enemy vessels. The Junk escaped but was unable to reach the target. Excellent reconnaissance support was rendered by COMSUBPAC.

C. Psychological Warfare



black radio, purporting to be voice of the Front for the Liberation for South Vietnamut long off the air for technical reasons, again began broadcasting. Its objective will be to sow discord between the FLSVN and the Vietnamese communist party (Peoples Revolutionary Party). Thematic guidance and technical help has been provided by

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9 May toune )

L The preliminary interrogationorth Vietnamese Army Signal Corps Lieutenant, woo defected to the GVN onay, has been completeda).

Umited public opinion sampling in Phong Dinh Province (SW of Saigon) confirms previous reporting that the peasant, for the most part, is hostile or haswait-and-see" attitude toward the regime. )

Construction of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) Interrogation Center has begunc).

Two singleton agents were infiltrated via junk into North Vietnamune andune respectively (paragraphs

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