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the president's intelligence checklist

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1. Communist China

and air movements into the Foochow-Amoy area continued yesterda


are vilians are evacuated from the coastal area.

2. Thailand

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3. Brazil


King of Thailand, besides calling publicly for even tempers on the temple issue, is doing what he can ln private to hold back the hotheads.


oycott of the Geneva conference and SEATO meetingsevice to release pressures and win time for the government to work Its way out of its quandary.

President Goulart will probably propose that foreign minister Dantas be moved up to prime minister. The nomination is certain to encounteropposition In the Brazilian congress butair chance of

art- not nnthusia^r't^acoiTt^tne^ros^ct. They rate Dantas head-and-shoulders above the present prime minister, Tancredo Neves, ln skill andbut consideroliticaland somethingemagogue. Beascist ins but now stands on the left wing of Goulart's Labor party and has sought and receivedbacking for the prime ministry-

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4. Moscow lowers draft age

5. Argentina

Soviet government has reduced the draft registration age fromohia will probably be followed by the lowering of the Induction age torom tho We think this measure results directly from tbe sharp decline-in birth rate during World War XX. (The number ofear-old males has fallenillion8 to about one million thla year.) By inducting two classes in one year, the Soviets will hold their forces at the present levels-President Guido isow crisis in the form of heavy pressureard-line military faction which wants him to move further to the right ln domestic policy. Guido is ready to reshuffle his cabinet to placate the group, which is described as small but determined, but our people ln Buenos Aires are not aure this will be enough toove to supplant bim.

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6. Laos



7. South Vietnam Cambodia

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argument over whetherAssembly will be mentionedKing's investiture decreeyesterday, Souvanna hasexception to what he believesan implication in the decree, asstands, that his coalitionwill have only nominalmilitary and of the opposingbeonachievod. Phoumi Is :uirj even by the

to glvf^^'a^fflr^hese points.

From what we have learned fromepresentative on theommisslon's investigation will support Cambodia's charge that South Vietnamese forces violated tbeborder last Saturday and that the Incursion resulted ln Cambodian civilianaccording to the preliminary report. flbhuiatm

there were three us military advisors and three US newsmen with tbe Southwho were in pursuit of suspected Viet Cong elements. Witnesses to the incidents are reporting the presence of "white men" and we take it for granted tbat Communist propaganda will play this to the hilt.

for the president

8. East Germany



have been reporting recently in general terms that the East German government is increasingly uneasy over

For The PresidentSecret


the eve of yesterday's action ln the US Bouse, thehad become so worked up over its sugar quotait suspended drawings fromillion US loan. Martin reports that "the Alianza, as of the moment.

iaead stop."

daughter has admitted that herostateshe fears may be malignant, and thinks he maypossibly in September.

feels It will reap more prestige from the Worldopening in Accra tomorrow if the gatheringof ideological extremes. The generally leftistthe attending delegations gives pretty good assurance,whatever emerges on the disarmament question will beto Moscow than to us.

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