Created: 6/15/1962

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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary


central intelligence agency



Adoula-Tshombe talks which resumed onay continue to limp along following DM representative Gardiner's plan to gat tho two leaders to agree to establish fiveN chairman to sottle military, monetary, transport, and political matters. According to the plan, agreements on the fivewould be cappedinal communique In which Tshonb# would renounce Katanga's

Sinceay. when Adoula and Tshombe announced agreement on the establishment of the first commissioniscussions have concentrated on monetary affairs. The two have agreed to setingle national bank of Issue, but Tshombe refuses to withdraw hla Katangan currency and Insists lt circulatear with that of tha Congo.

Talks were halteduneesulterbal fracaa between Tshombe and northern Katanga Baluba leader Jason Sendwe, wholoo premier In the Leopoldville government; Sendwe threatened to have Tthombe arrested.

Tshombe onune,to put Adoula and Gardiner on the defensive aad to clarify his own position, complainedetter to the UN representative that tha publicity given by himhant to the agreement on the military commission wasno agreement had yet been given, he said, and none could until an overall agreement had been reached. ecaption the next day, Tshombe made lt clear he would not nave the Katangan representatives to the ailltary commission or let lt or any other commission begin work until all commissions aad

their mandates were agreed upon.

In his letter to Gardiner, Tshombe questioned Adoula'a desire toeaceful settlement, charging that Adoula hadequest to the UN Congo Advisory Commissionthat UN forces be ready to intervene In Katanga should the talks fall. The Katangan leader UN officials of trying to get Brussels nnd the mining companies to atop paying taxes to Katanga in order to "reader itnd reminded Gardiner that he regarded the UN's Job la the talks as restricted to good offices only.

Adoula continues to believe that Tshonbe, on the advice of his Belgian advisers, is Adoula Is apparentlyhowever, claiming that the talks "willood record."

Adoula has begun to express concern that Katanganparticularly Foreign Minlater Kimba and Interior Minlater Munongo--are Influencing Tshombe and that, regardless of Tshombe's intentions, they will repudiate any agreements that he might reach. Adoula thinks some measures should beby therestrain and Isolate these individuals. Kimba and Munongo have made strong public attacks on the Leopoldville government, the UN, and the US, and areplanning an elaborate celebration In Elisabethvllie onuly to observe the second anniversary of Katangan" UN representative Caleb In Elisabethvllie and other dlplomata also have expressed fear that Munongo and Kimba will try to sabotage any rapprochement If not attempt to unseat Tshonbe.



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