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of Station, Moscow

SOBJEC1Meeting with

.7 B.2 C.

I . Forwarded herewith isreport of hmn Spaso House during the Fourth of July reception held there. Here follows an account of the action taken here in preparation for this meeting and brief comment on* the meeting itself.

possibility of the meeting and the various contingencies withwould be concerned if and when it took place were discussed with bbbbbbbsM

eturned from London. We decided that ataaeaBeeaVl would scout Spa so

himself for dead drop possibilities; this he did, for the last timeuly.

The dead drop site finally selected was on the underside of the cover of the water

tank of the only toilet in the men's room, and suitable preparations were made

toackage from ubmbbVbmbb^BBBmIimilar

package from him to us.

be Included in the package from ub to LVeaaasBBBBBBBeW were: ubles

inuble denominations; the operational note delivered here by SjaTJaaeV

operational note received via reference A; and tho addendum to the latter received via reference B.

et, using the pretextecurity briefingf-wM in the secure roomuly. The entire meeting plan wasith Mequis and, because we would not meet again until the morning of the 4th, he was briefed on the required actionwo-way pass via dead drop.

5.et bbbbbbbbbSbVuly as agreed upon into that time, there had been two meetingsthat there would be no needwo-way pass atsomething for us but he doubted it. sked,what had boon passedwaa clear that

[had received everything wc hadalso reported

not be available in the West pernd B,

apparently for the same reason which squelched his two earlier planned trips.



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6* econd meeting with BjfJaffll do theuly (with

andalsohe final plan for identification of PaasBBBB,

nd, ae an outsideass from him to ns, was gone over and made firm.



7. BBbbbbbbbbbbbbI ind PET ROCHENKO ofhereafter referad to as Identity) appeared in the reception linehe reception having been. With JbbbbbbbbbI stragetically stationed in the immediatef the reception line (Miainter Counselor and wife) to recognize BBBBBBBal as he entered, the latter was immediately recognised and the signal given to fjaaasnaa he attached report andrfcrencc ndicate, there neverroblem in recognition but only in managing some sort of separation, at least temporarily, hetween anaBBnaaBBBBnaBB1 and his companion. Identity. This was never accomplished to our satisfaction. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbenn-than-one-mlnute-long interval to turn completely aside from Identity in order to tell fJBjfsaafJ that he would have something for him next time and to receive reply in kind, but this was apparently as far as he wished to go. From JJ bbbbbbbbbbb. ac'1 niy own observations, he wan seen at no time during the reception without Identity. While thisitisappointment to us,ad been briefed to touch on future contacts if this became securely feasible, PJgJplJJ quite properly did not force the issue. We are all certain that PjffJ had good reason for refusing operational com act beyond the single exchange,ogret that there wore no clues which came to our attention during the reception which will take us beyond speculation as to this reason at this time.

8. PETROCHENKO is also something of an enigma to us at the moment, in that we are not yet certain how his name found its way to the invitation list. It does not appear on the "working invitation list" and,riefed the Minister Counselor this morning on the happenings on the 4th, he was unable to account for Identity's pressence. It is quite possible that the name was placed on the final ii't hy | bbbbb after the Minister Counselor had indicated to him that

hould be invited (one name was apparently deleted in order to

accommodate PETROCHENKO; we are forwarding both tha working and the final lint hy the next pouch.) Tin? calling card which PETROCHENKO gavobbbbal ould indicate that he belonged on the list, and we do not necosaarily view it as sinister that he aod IflaflHflaSBBBnl remained glued to one another during the reception (we cannot be entirely certain of who was watchingowever, this behavior does fit the unfortunate pattern of |JJJJJfJpJfJB inte rest in and to thia extent we find it disturbing.

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I nave the following comments on


bbbbbbbI when Mrs. nd some time with to ffPJBJpjBBBaaHj

recognized both

a. a2: Ili^HI^ iavoXvemeat^ contrived Ho happened to be standing near. JONES when Mrs. Jfj&ES decided the time had cLe to" the Soviet guests, and forthwith introduced herself and and bis companion. (It Is entirely possible that

names as connected with the |dead drop.) hould addbserved

HBBBSBSaaBB| at oac point ln the reception, in animated conversation with

and hisave not yet had the opportunity to debrief utapprise you of any significant results as soono.ind thepushed sbbbbbbbbI into contact and whatever It was that prompted

BBBSbbbbYI contact, unfortunate, but there was so much mixing of the various groups and individuals vl thin the groupso not believe the se contacts should necessarily be viewed with alarm.

Pararom the limitedad for observation

he was certainly in complete control of himself and on top ofituation. Heillingness to mix with any and all, which he did. He was tastefully and neatly dressed, well barbered, and appeared to be in excellent health.ast eaw him and PETROCHZNKO drinking whiakey from shot glasses on the veranday which timefhe bulk of the Soviets--by no meansdeparted.

c. Parahe tobacco delegation mentioned here represents our first to geta:id together; we shall pursue it and keep you

advised of any significant developments.


SUBJECT: Meeting with I

among the last to arrive at the reception, not coming until He waa with PETROCHENKO. aaaafaaaaaaaal spotted him and gave the signalink) to Maaeaea After about live minutes Biffs' began moving In BaaaaaeaaaaalH direction, talking briefly to Soviets, aa he had been doing during the whole reception. He introduced himself to PETROCHENKO and thenhad his coat unbuttoned and tie-clasphe three chatted briefly and then PETROCHENKO said he waa lookingDS. PETROCHENKO and aTaaaaaaaasaaaaal invited mW

to come into the barroom

(next door) andaid he would just look for WOODS not find WOODS, ao went inthe drink. Then he wasD* M- GVI5HIRNI and Ye. I. LEVIN. (Note: PETROCHENKO did mosttalking. slightly deferential to him.

All, of course, were deferential to GVISH1ANI.

then walked away, going Into the other room, ostensibly tofor WOODS. He came back perhaps fifteen minutes later and

par.dMia. BillBBBB aad PETROCHENKO. approached the group, but as seTaeeaBasaTsaid'l^^me introduceas puued awayomewhat drunk TIMIR XAZEVeTAgricUlWraT^iofficial, and asked to drink to their new friendship. | returnedfew minutes, at which time aeaasBBBBa tookglaaa to fill at the

bar. Thua | ad his first chance to talk toalone. The

conversation was innocuousinute or ao, whensaid, ill

have something for yon next rimereplied, "We will haveyou nextJHhinksmay have preceded his remark

with something about "yesterday" but can't be sure. It might have beenyesterday" or something like that. After this brief exchange theto the social level. | ried to say something else, that weto arrange social meetings, but could not, turned the

conversation back to pleasantries immediately. | |UdDot get anything said except the one sentence above. The whole exchange was very brief. BBBaeBBeaasBaBBsl did not change expression or give any indicationariation in the conversation. The room was noisy, but there were people as close as four feet away, namely PETROCHENKO who was talking to eomeonc clue cmllieet away, either in his social conversation or in the one sentence noted above. | Jj tried to move so that BSBBBBBBBBBBBaBBa could talk to him furtherent backearby servingouple of times.

| did not follow or even turn around. After perhaps five minuteswith asaaaaaaaaaaaaaal PETROCHENKO and ouerewhowaadered Hegain. also fj

was at the other

while they were talking alone, if hla wife were here. aaid yes, but he did

not know where. They probably did not meet, aa Mrs. end of the house the whole time.)

There waa no indication's!tttoM

itaTaTM nor that he did not want toith

ny. and, at' He talked freely

Russian. Heair amoShTwa^oa?ialso talked only ^Ush.) Thoy

friendly. etaaatifaafatM

from hi. presence. (It

were always together. At any rate, they

least two other parue. fit atutked to agWW

tor briefer perioas. * not beUeve

were out of the ordinary ad

thanther. In talUng to

Uon went unnoted by few word, underrfSSKK,a)W

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