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u DOVatdlaaatlafladtba aapoar Idtha Italian I Soclallat Party (Ml) la collaborating with tha DC Party la taiaart ha wa ecceamad by tha rlgbt/rtoi oppoaitic-ln bla ovn partj. Mluabad hart Tor tba national! ration of elecwialty ana wa

foi-ead toather lntranBigant poattloo on tha Turin rloU. On

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casefee oocur/ENr a H_

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was undertaken because no other politicalvb- possible aai that tbe experiment would require sone tlae to run Afterenm'oflack

f any serious effort'to break the FBI away iron the PCI, It le.ridiculousto inaiat'that thla claaoroue break transpireev nontba. Moreover,rlghtwlng DC oppceltlcn hurt*.tbe DC electoral cause by, Insistingtbe party !latring of unbroken concsssloot tp tbethe national lull Ion of electricity, for. omnple, has always ooperation. -Moro would bareifferent

tlonnot ions Illation, bat ln the final analyaie tbie repreeente ' atoil, since the govenoasnt's take-over of tha electric conpsnlssthe underpinningollaboration. "It vould be far better If

the entire DC Party"hough it wanted fcfclo iffglDlnti'-io fiiH^aa 'owterwia-CTeatcf'br'mr^^llgT^Dag-attflore" opwsoeteorebly. Mlenteer.tcnmrd-tfce^-ppor.


""srbeaeflts are to be.

by nations,Uiatloa of electricity, to.cite one exasfpls, the DC Party will suffer all the disadvantages of this nove. Tbe article Soelba wrofthilan weekly recentlyase in point. Itpreaente what aapuntaomplete List of reasonsotervote PC. Bonce, the reader of tbe article nay conclude tbat ut etill feel that be cannot vote for Scelba because belongs to aXparty Scelba bins elf bee described as unvpfthy oftruet--providing the very reeeona why tble le -. Thlois particularly Unfortunate because Mwo would Ilka tocelbabin as'a possible future prise

Probable Puratibn of tbe Fapfanl Oovemnent

3. Barring sons unforeseen event within tbe DC Party or further labor riots with fatal consequences, V* wy-Tmr' rTmiflfl Itn* limn lbseneral elections. These elections will hot be "anticipated" in the

word, but they will be held early.ccording tnould.bathhould then pass before is are pronulgated.bla.tbere_are_.tby,aovoxb-ill for the regions will be presented, .I but there will not be sufficient tine to approve It Id its entirety.

By that tine the. Chrlstnas vacations win be due, and ln view of theuBner vacation; they night be quite long. Sinceays are required between the tine elections are called and tbe tine tbey are held, this leavse only part of Januarys and early February for additional parliamentary work and controversy. Woro" hopes in this fasMon thaill be ablee^^

si I


nov until election polenlc against tba PSI"

DCj stachnect aa

rTTTBcreoBe1 and vlU aueoent lta preeaure ono detach Itself fron'the PCI.

Koro does not believe ttla polaalo will produce any practicaloee the PSI la loaa likely torecipitate nove avay froa tba PCIapproach. be an elf

, ln lta daalra to holdvotera aa poaalbla, &uat lo lta eeir-lntereat daaon-en locreselng Intransigence toward tba DC'a. In turn, tneIn an ofrort to nalntala Its bold on lta rlgbtvlng electorateplacate soea of lta flanking orgaalcations, mietoughertbe.,




greatly annoyed by Democratic floe Hi: at Port, (PSDl)luetppe Sorogot'a etetenent to tbe effect that tbe'PSDI expected tae

PBI to nore sway froa tbe PCIooter pace after the lyoj election* ie^d, vaa even acre annoyed by the aevepepor ertlelae la Corrlere della Texoo takingto.took by pointing out that Sarogat ' ot; should bareorodlote. don't they

that in thla feasieo San


5 to* bring dova the

aaho toany vhould provothla

faanion than Baragat, vho bai praeilcally "told then that be expecEe no

"c rv? ur*bi* .

t" aafrrtoevo that It sill be difficult for Kennl to nove aoch faater until after the elections) hoverer, since wo never know vbat specific situation say develop ' and vbat unreasonable daomnd am* strategist ln tbe PSl nay dreoment to leave myaelf tho naOnum room for maneuver. Kobody fore ad Baragat to placeistant dateline on PSI action. It baay plan to place tbe DC Partyosition to take advantage of an ' eventual PSIki'Sl opUt or to go to tha electorate et ony tlae end ate-%have tried "la good faith but th* psi le una tie or unwilling tos half way. ;BoO you as thrown thieap carl ovoy and le prelaed fcr lt by the conserve li.

Cove mass; Prcgraa

Iv. Satloaaliiation of ilectrlelty

a. Koro agrees vlth his oppoalttoa that the nationalisation of electricity, ln and nf itself, hoa only narglaal utilityocial or economic seoeare. So freely asnlte that the electric corpaalee seeaed to beood Job and that hardly anyone, certainly aaong tba X'l and even aaong tbe PSI, had any groat interest ln tola lav for Its economic and ecolal content. f_ thla tillIn lta poUileal

Ctavfouelj, it fanned the foundation for psi support to thla government, and therefore, was Indtvedble from the center-left government. Rente

on this bill reallyudgment Tor or egainst the



> [Eovever, of far greaterla tba large nunber of DC's |vbo don't seen to understand vbat an opportunity tbie vould be forarty if St vere exploited properly end If .tba party,

to the electorate, to Like the Tiaa for years

vitality, rresbmes/andbe unitedheParty It

fifteen yaera cf povcr for any political party are bound to erode lt. Since there la no alternative to tbe DC Party ln Italy, tha party Itaelf suet eeet to present's new fact to theo


create an lnags ofParty ln tha

baen accused of being too oloeely tied 'to big business end Of being aa instrument of theespite the fact that Italy baa enjoyed UEprecodentel proeparlty undar DC governaente, tha party Ihai baen unable to shake this clinging lapreeeloa. Moreover,glance et electoraletioaatretea tha renarkableha electorate. those olrcunstancee and unlaee vw are eatlerisd vltb tneraly containing coanunlata, ve suetsychological cllnate ln vhlch the people aense that sonotblng is

that there ls something nev and freah la tne wind,DC Party has rlssa fron lta aabee and, by reverting toPopular Party antecedents, baa broken vlth itspast and laass party deeply concerned vlthand aspirations of the hunble and tha poor and dstamdnedthe people-^ll tba people- PTealJ"ri' Kerjg-lyapproach tba Sev


at the ereatcot and


ever, cow Ccccuolets, that they do.rotect their lota

In oii

ect their interests but con hove faith In flenocrsey, tbs^WrParVrBnd'toe^th^denocraVlc'part^tesnBat-tno-nBtionallssViM of electricit^T^reskonservative past. This ls true, but since the PSI always favored this Beasure, Itothing nev Tor thesn.cholos4oal inport, .could serve tbe -

tbe nawier In vhlch tbe Ooveraor Of tbe Bank of Italy, Ouldo

and Mario rerreri-Aggroai pooed tbe problem and fought for an

equitable solution. Since the bin; wla inevitable, all that


In this

Farlia-aeatt ith^uiimslv .that lt will barcode into 'lav before


naturally ia included in tie FSI For tbos* lssur cannot be ignored. Oo tn* otbar hand, lt will never be approved try tha DC deputies in this Parllaitent unless'akesriori atataaent tbat it vill not rule vith the FCI In any region where tbeyajority. Itost unlikely that tha FSI vill nakatateoant on the eve of elections. In tbie everrt. It la improbable tbat tbe bill vill go past theontrolled by the DC. where it could font tba basiserlou* DC pexlianentary split* Under tbes* olrcunstaacee^Moro baa worked,ehese- Since lt will take nore than one lav to actually create functioning regions. at least ea^ltctoral lavinancial lav, Horo plana to York for tha approval of one of tba bills vith the tacit understandIng that the other bill vill not be presented in tbia legislature* Than, depending oa^bov tha elections go, tbe otbar bill can oa approvad with tto-iweJatM thatill abandon tba PCI, where thla ia pce&lblCi or the whole ontter can be pigeonholed.


Thisough prcblea that Horo hopes can be postponed for tbe BOsent. Ha haa not conducted negotiation* vitb tba FSI oo thin issue becouao ha suet first reconcile tba differences ttat divideotcol and tha Italian Confederation of Trade Uoioae' (CISL). Both of these EC orcanl tot lone are poles apart on hov they1 via* tbe prcblea

Xn responselunt question as to fcov be van getting along vith Fenfarvl, Moro'e reply vaa volualnous and anply Illustrated vitb blatorlcal allualona* Tba importance of tha govarnasnt In relation to tbe EC Party bas been in decline since tha deatb of DeGaapsrl* ItaCasper! van the last person vbo combined in hincelf the essence of tfte party and tbaeginning vith tha advent of yenfam aa -party secretary, lt has been tba party-which bas created tha various govexinente and which baa brought thanba govarnaant la naraly an expression of the party* The present Panfanlaa tha result of Inter-party negotiation* vhlch Horo conducted vith' Other praters of tho coalition. If tbe Paafaol govsrtuitot should teearc* disagreeable to any ttanfcer of tbe coalition, it vould fall regardless of vbat tbe Prise Minister night do. Although It la true that certain nraolera cao facilitate tbe work of th* party secraterlea*


- the efforta of the party secretaryresident of the Counoll of Miniate ro ls reduced to petty

V. difficult,

" ' intriguea aod does not have the'possibility or the capabilitynfluence the brood Unas of policy ss laid down by tbe party, example. It la entirely posalble t

lav. desired by-the prenier

that a pover, vheroea a 'aaeretary aust be aore cautious and be prepared forformula vben tbe existing one Is no longer viable. thla haalc fact, there ls bound toertain innatetbe prise alnloter aad the party eecretary at any tlaa. elver* feels that the party eecretary ispponnough, vheraas the party secretary vie has tha primsnot be ao intransigent ln support of his ovaoos roll lot le" la regard to the presentthe Monetary viewsoeelbl* future ally. Koro.adplte.nore thanfriction vJW

by the 'aaVffiot fanfanl ls angur*Iia=tba

wi r

Election FredlotIon


le more confident than most of bla party colleagues la regardpoliticalof the spring* Be points, out that tbe did extremely voll la the administrative election* la tbe Boothdo erea better la this area la the political election*,

me dlecount* Poms aa aa Indicator baeaose of the no tore of the *oama electorate, but even here ha vaa encouraged by the look of progreee by the Italian Socialist Movement (Mil). Be le skeptical of Plea ae an 'elaetoral barometer because several parties presented llete there for the flrat time ln the laat elections. elatrvoVy


* quaati'ca trill outlying

During the recent administrativeinter of DC rlghwingere flatly refuaad to oampalgn or also nmde Just dbo epeecb or vrote one article In order to aare face bat vere actively working against the party through their bosmtovn mends. 'earn* pooplo will hovethey toobaao reasooa Moro is mot pessimistic "about the nokt" general elections, providod he earn find the fund* to finance them. Conf Industrie has already terminated its financial assistance to the party and hoe told him lt would not help tbe party for the political elections.



nru-i l

Aa an Indicator of thaand a'fair Other rs-dlurap

.lectors! trend, local aloctlona lo Haase Carrara

IT. .To

1 tOVna ttlo fell'should bS( Interest lag.

t^lnterestdng^napaot .of-the-last



victory for tha center-left fcrroU, faa aloo refussd to dlacouot tbe forewla ae being at lsaettlal -

Of thietruccwa. Altbough the governuent badtc* U>

aohe flret Indication.ew Wchologic-1 verTalready being deaoMtmtod by elootion tine ave ta>d Influence ia the Coonuaist


bad beard the ruaor that he vbi purging or planned to purge the DC electoral llat of rlgbtvlog candidate* and denied It flatly. There era too aany local iotereete liwolvsd tooeceesful pjrge. aid aapurge vould b* dlaastroua. ranfanl tried it and not only failed but much of bis troubleron thst attaapt. In fact! Moro bulges that tha contrary ia tru*. Because of the center-Left aany local party leaders, th* Choreb, and Confladuatrla vill arebably support only rlghtwlng candidates, vhsreas they night have been in the past tare tolerant of certain left-laenlng candidates. The party itself, ln tbcee areas where tbe center-left hasarticular panic aaong tha DC voters, vould ba laelined tolghtviagsr la aa effort to ase ere the frightened votera.


rivalries sots elvaya'exletcd

androbably no greater or nor* intense bow than eefwe. gowever, now,lghraing candidate loses out la hla battleeftvlnger, he blaaes his leasarty "Furgs." liatorlcally the only peaceful placeC candidate la In the Veneto, where tbe party la strong and. the local leaders have tha sense to divide the vote aaong tbeaaelvea without cruising Internal battles. At this veryitter fight is urdervay Inhe Abrustl, the Harete, and rarlous other areas between deputise froa tba saoe electoral district. There la nothing newin this, and ln fact it helps ths party obtain moraerasnt and noise these battles create, the public intereol they capture.

In eor.tec.iioond Oy bring 1ng nore

JtTlw question of rtght-to-workaUoat* htra aa lt la ln Aaarloe. Koro noted that ho did not than* tba Anarlcana bad resolved tbla problen either. The police auat uaa'judgaent on vblch right needs to ba, and can be, beat protected at any gl>eo acasnt. In for maple, tha naaber of strikers vne eo great thatsths only


way tbe right-to-vork could hawa been protected vouldeen to fire. ' -. the nob of pi ekean laa>oseJbla solution.

28. It auat also be anticipated that labor strikes in tbe future *ill be severe and prolonged and tbat It will be loereaslngly difficult to laolata tha Italian General Confederation of Labor (CC1L) in theae laborboth because the strikes will ba Bore serious and because the COIL laore flexible policy and is acting closer to the positioneal trade union, for tactical reasons.

23. Before, when tbe unions were weak, Italy was not as prosparoue as

and thereuper abundance of aeapover,as elaple for the CISL (Italian Confederation of Trad* Cnloaor naamls, toew cents an hour less than tbe COIL would ogre* to an! signegreeu-nt with taa*coapasles. low, however, the unions are gaining ln strength ee their Mabere are better able torolonged strike andhortage* of qualified Baapower develops, insraaslngly dlfftault for tha CISL to reach* at, and lt mat-Sahara acreeal union tbat Is bottle. Tbe sit hasts",


ting on ec encode-

rs ICI

* he" Is pot elarnedTby Ittha: tbe^

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