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isat ly ofand UNto MlMeries of antl-Katangan gestures reasserting Leopoldvilie's sovereignty. Re bas ordered private airlines overflying or landing anywhere in tbe Congo to obtain prior permission froa Leopoldvllle; bas "suspended" all radio and telecommunications to and from Katanga; and has threatenedagalnat commercial firms, mining companies,and other enterprises which "continue to support" Katanga. Leopoldvllie's ability to enforce compliance Is very limited, but Adoula may be laying tbe groundwork for poaslble legal action, at least against some companies. The UN command in Katanga, which Is in control of tbe airports at Bllmabethvllle aod lamina. Is apparently enforcing the airline decree there. The Katangan government hasbyartial blockade oo UN forces. Morearloads of food and fuel intended for UN forces were halted at Sakania on the Northern Rhodoslan border

New Leopoldville-sponsored military attacks in force in northern Katanga, of which there were some earlierhave yet to materialize.

Western Europeanare embarrassed andhe heavy premature publicity Riven the UN-Wostern plan to workettlement and by tbe restrictionsby Adoula. Tbe I'S-Yestern plan for reconciliatloo has yet to receive finalby London and Brussela, and the economic pressures-similar to the ones Adoula has tried to set inbeing debated. Themoreover, would come into play only after Tshombe hadthe UN-Wottern proposals.

There are other signs that Adoula Is exerting more vigorous leadership. He took some of the steam out ot the opposition by adjourning parliamentugust. He formed an eight-man committee within thelo speed the making of decisions. This committee was apparently responsible for tbe anti-Katanga decrees. In what appears to be an effort toits control in Orientate Province, Leopoldvllle has reportedly transferred General

epublic of the congo

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fro* tbe Stanleyville cotuaaad aad replaced alaieutenant colonel.

The opposition Intends, nevertheless, to continue to press President KAsavubu to dis-alss tho Adoula government.

Before lt adjourned. Parliament passed legislation dividing the present six Congo provinces Into at toastnes provinces. Theof provincial tribal fiefdoas, shale satisfying to local politicians. Is bound to weaken even further central government control and add to the already heavy burden of government expense on theeconomy. Katanga has been divided into northern and southern Katanga. Tshombe's power ia really llttlo affected because his Influence in the north has always been minimal and the base of his power, the mining and industrial complex, is in southern Katanga,

Apparently satisfied thattensions had been sufficiently reduced, Tshombe flew to Genevaugust, reportedly for his health, but more probably to talk to his bankers and to seek advice. The wide publicity givenfor UN-Western economic pressures on Katanga If Tshonbe continues to refuse to Integrate apparently led bin to press Union Hlalere to pay mineral

royalty revenues in advance of Tsbombe asked the company to giveoreign exchange advance of up Union Hlnlere officials in Elisabethvllle rejected an advance of this magnitude, but reportedly agreed to transfer to the Bank ofum approximatingercent of the market value of tho obppur at thehipment crosses the frontier.

Regarding Adoula's proposalew federal constitution, tbe laws on constitutional changes will afford Tshombe immeasurable opportunities for delay, Tshonbe may again denandthat ru'uro talks with Adoula be held outside the Congo.

Thoro is disquiet among some of the nations providing troops to the UN Congo operations over the slow progressettlement aad some haveesire to withdraw their troops. Nehru is not likely to withdraw the Indian troops, the largest of the UN contingents, there in some Indian public and official opinion which believes they might bo better omploycd at home in viow of the toneo Sino-Indian border situation. Nigeria bas wanted to bring home one of its two battalions, and has only reluctantly agreed to permit lt to stay on. Ireland has given some Indications it might like to

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