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Sept 62

Current Intelligence Weekly Summary

tppRovin for aiiusi


central intelligence agency

of current intelligence




steps to inplo-the UN plan torwith thc

are under way despltoevidence ot mutual suspicion between Adoula and Tshombe that may thwart the plan and bringo el clashes.

Adoula has Insued decrees relating to tho payment ofexchange to the central government and to tbe ofnified system of elegation of UM aldos and of representatives appointed by Adoula to sorvo on the financial and military comnlssions has arrived ln Ellsabethville to begin Tsbombft has not yet appointed his representatives, but an early response is

the UN exports drafting tho Insisting that Katanga could not have preferential treatment, Adoula has expressed fear that Tshombe might succeed in having each step towarddepend on prioragreement, aad even ratification of every one ofrticles in tho current constitution draft.

Adoula for the first time has expressed to UN ChiefGardiner his doubts that he can get thothrough Parliament, which he considers "out to getThe premier now is considering the device ot first presenting the draft to the provinces. He has ashed tho UN experts to complete their work by tho end of September.

Tshomb6's public andstatements give increasing evidence that be will stall on military and financialpending tbo production ofhe considers an acceptable constitution. He has emphasized that ho accepted the UN plan only bflr.nuso it promised aconstltutlon--whlch he says must bo very flexible.

Adoula has invited tho provinces to submit their views on the constitution, but has angrily rejectedatanganspecialist meet with




a UN patrol andgendarmes nearairport as aof the UK's "badhe circumstances Indicate that both sides bear responsibility. Gardiner has told Ambassador Gulllon that the UN has noof agreeing to limit the freedom of UN patrols in Ellsabethvllle or around thels vital to the UN position.

Limited clashes between Katangan and central government units ln the Kongolo aroa of North Katanga havo occurred Tshombe's chargeajor Congolese ArmyIs under vay ln the area is not confirmed; however, he say hope that his charge will head offove. Be has sent mercenaries and Katangan forces northward to block any Congolese Army move to the south.

Military action Is alao possible ln South Kasal as

a consequence or Adoula's anger at "King' Albert Ka-lonjl's escape from Jail and his fear that Kalonjl will Join up with Tshombe. Adoula ordered the occupation of Bakwanga. Kaloaji's capital, but army commander Mobutu favors concentrating on the Ka tangan problem and hason executing tho order.

Foreign Minister BomboKo Indicated oneptember that Adoula had dropped tho plan. Later reportshowever, that some military preparations woro still going on.



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