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political position continues to deteriorate. The opposition groups are trying to generate sentiment against his ln the provinces, and rumors are current In Leopoldville that several of bis nee ministers nay resign. Ills former minister of justice, Renyorth Katanga Raluba tribal loader, is roportudly consideringthe Katangan government. Lumunblst leaders in Orlentale Province have Joined within declaring that the Adoula government Is Illegal, since It failed to win absolute majority approval ln parliament. leaders believe thatadjournment onulyreduce political pressures.

The decline ln Adoula's strength ls also evident ln his decision not to press for the re-installation of former Orlentale provincial president Maazlkala or former KaaalKukonge. Adoula said onuly they mould be given honorific positions in order "tohowdown" with the antl-Loopoldvllle forces which ousted then.

Qenoral Mobutu lias told US officials that "the only answer" for the Congo was to keep Prosldent Kasavubu and Premier Adoula in office. He was disheartened by the UT's futile efforts to solve the Katanga problem. He saidack of equipment prevented bin fromongoloso Army (AKC) attack In northern Katanga. The generalthat the slowness of the West's response to his call for military equipment had caused his officers to ask why aid could not be obtained elsewhere.

Tensions between UK aad Katangan forces have declined following UN representative Gardiner's visit to Ellsabeth-vlllo, but further Katangan haransmsnts are likely. Oardiner stood firm against Tshombe's requosts to remove UN roadblocks. Gardlnor agreed, however, tolocal UN representative Jean Rack, to let Katanganbe posted at UM rosdblocks, aad to permit Tshombe'sIsl guard to pass through the newest one. Gardiner was not optimistic that Tshombe would axree to reopen talks with Adoula soon and gained the

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that Tshombe felt he had already cone too far in negotiations.

urther effort toAdoula. Tshombe announced onuly tbat he would not deal with hia again because tbe premier no longer had theof parliament or tbe Congo population. Tshombe once more


threatened guerrilla warfare if the UN attempts to end Katangan secession by force. In his recent talks with Rhodesl-an Prime Minister Velensky, he reportedly gare the impression he did not think that Britain or the US would allow the UN to use force. Tshombe 'eportedly expects the entire UN effort to fall apart because of disunity among tbe Western powers and that Katanga need only drag its feet several months longer to confirm its "independence."

UN Undersecretary Bunche sayshast returned from Europe determined to push forwardecurity Council mooting on the Congo, but had since cooled] off conslderabl

lieves that Tshombe can be brought around by economic pressures such as cutting Katanga's rail links to halt Its exports andUnion Minlere (UMHK) to Stop its payments to Tshombe inurn for UN protection of Its installations.

Although Foreign Minister Spaak has given the impression over the last few months that he favoredtrong line with both the UMHK and Tshombe tothe Congo, he now seems to be backing down in view of the strong opposition at home toove.

it Secretary of State Williams ln tho presence of two high UMHK officials that while the UMHK should take stops to improve It: tarnished image andertain percentage of its tax payments ln escrowsettlement of the Adoula-Tshombe dispute. It was anto hold ihe UMHK wholly responsible for continued Katangan aerpsslnn. Spaak agreed with the UMHK officials that It was wrong torivate company osition of what was In effect engaging Inwarfare against Tshombe and taking risks which the big powers are not prepared to take.

Spaak now seems to be pushingN-sanctioned "copperdesigned to deprive Tshombe of financial support by stopping all mineral oxports at thefrontier. Apparently he hopes that Tshombe would notagainst UMHK because it would not be responsible for the action.

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