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Intelligence Weekly Review


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ThJi documritlnified information alTecting ihe nationalof the United Stila within the rneanlnc of lh* espionageUSTU> ia. SecUon* TO. TH. and TW Tr*law ptohaittranarniMion of Ihe retelatlon of iU contents Inmanner to an unauthorised person, as well as lis tut In any manner preJudicial

Ihe safety ot mirttil at the United SUtrs at lor Ihe benefit af any foreignlo the aetrtmenl of Ihe United State*

It to be seen only by US personnel especially Indoctrinated and authorised to receive COMMUNICATIONS INTELL10ENCB informauon. IU security must be maintained in accordance withNTELLIOKNCE nKOULATIONS

Mp acdaa is to be Uken on any COMMUNICATIONSwhich may be contained herein,f the advantage* lo be gained, unlet* such action tt Aril approved by Ihe Director Si Central Intelligence.

central intelligence agency OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELUGENCE


FibibifJ) IS)

intelligence weekly review


European nations nave been lukewarm toward the UN-US plan to promote Congoby resorting toboycott and sanctions against Katanga If President Tshombe's regime contlnuos its secessionist stand. Brussels bas indicated that it agrees vith the plan's objectives, but Foreign Minister Spaak has demanded adequate UN protection for the Union Mlniere's Katanga properties before cooperating in economic sanctions. Hisis under fire from the Belgian press for Its reported participation in the plan.

London has accepted the "Proposal for Nationalbut has so many reservations about the"Course of Action" that It has refused even to Join inthe latter document to Adoula. Britain remains opposed to any actions which imply the use of force. London has stated, however, that if economicwere applied against Ka-tanea by other countries, it would not oppose them and would probably limit Imports ofcopper to the average of the last three years in order to "preserve the stability of the London metal market." Paris similarly ls not prepared to participate in the plan, but will not oppose It and appears willing to limit copper imports to present levels. Pressof the Europeanas well as Adoula'sto apply such sanctions as the closing of Elisabetbville airport and the suspension of Katanga's telecommunications with foreign countries, have lessened the chances of Twhombe's acceptance.


Belgium has urged Adoula to suspend application of these sanctions, which actually are having little effect on Katanga. Sabena is flying to Ndola,easy reach of Elisabetbville,

and the Bnlglan talecoKmuni-cations agency Is still handling Ellsabethvllla traffic. Adoula

has toldtbat be wou Id TavT^proferredaeting ln lineestern program for reintegrating Katanga, but felt that he had to move quickly to bolster his political

Official Katangan reaction to the Adoula decrees bas been relatively mild. Tshombe's government continues to stress Its readiness to discusssolutions" despite the central government's Latest pressure tactics, At the same time, however, It hasa new diversionaryfor the establishmenttripartite" commission of experts designated byEllsabethvllla and the OK toederal constitution. This proposal ignored Adoula's recentfor UK asalstsace is draftingew

There are Increasingthat tho centralmay soon attempt to force Tshombe's troops to withdraw fromtrategic transport center in northern Katanga, where they are Isolated. Within the past few weeks Congolese army units in northern Katanga were reinforcedattalion flown in from Stanleyville, and Air Congo made frequent flights carrying equipment from tbo Leopoldvllle supply area to Albertvllie. Leo-poldvllle Vice Prosilor Sendwe has


isTTberT^TTTe on 18

August "to put an end to tbe Kongolo problem." Ho said be did not wish to "makeut isto resolve the problem and restore transport andline* linking northernwith the rest of tbe Congo. Sporadic and Inconclusive fighting bas apparently broken out in some northern Katanga.

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