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Coxaaeata cod XnforjBo.ti.on flelntlng bon Large

Blsaeter Pipe ln tbe USHF '

SnrWnCSSl pi piling Byrten,eptenfcer XS^T^ y

of the rerroos Jertel* Breach aad the roslstho Office of Baaaaiah ad Reports here euaanlaad thoend offer tho following -ensilte endroar consideration ln preparing a


A. Soviel Capability to Produce hO-lneh Plpei

Bovlmt produetlco of fco-lnoh pip**y the DKon* (OX enclosure, Aa le Implied inf the wrj1 ef UB cceeeegtaaooeptance of the cstlnete receiree bom gtwiTlfloirtlnna. Biee.autly arallable Intelligence inforaettlon suggests thaton figure probably abould be viewed aa the upper limit of production, barringcrash progrvei for expending oetpRt. Tetherrlnlan* esUmnte aa la leplied byf floen*.

The USSB haa put ln operation only two nills capable ofVo-Lcoh pipe. The firrt began operatingalted beela Late1 at Soto Mbekovsk. Appexently thia la not an efficient operation (the fedlltlee were denorlbed aaIn the Soviet preen) end tha plant vma continuing to experience production problems Incidental

to etert-np early The only other eource of production of Wo-inch pipe la the Qidanov ilyich plant where production of th* first "batchea" cf pipe vaa naoouncedeyuut published In

5- Two additionala ere planned to be put In operation One la under contraction at the Chelyabinsk Tube VorXe, which2 la planned to be the main anppller of ao-lceh pip*. Can-atructlon of these far!ies has been behind achedul* tlnce the

SUBJECT i Ccownt. and Inforns.ttoa Rnlntlng to eport on Largo Disaster Pips ln thn DSSR

project vaa started In eversal of presenthle eapaaltynlikely to be ccagOeted and to have gone through the Initial period of edjustaent that le Incidental to atarding-up operations of such facilities before the close this eould Been thatlittle output vould be obtained froa this plant until early The only other newlanned for novo hosfcovsk, vhere new construction apparently vaa began only in This suggests that It will be near tho sod3 before even initial production ean be expected fron this mil.

*. Aa the istlaetee Indicate, Soviet production of SO-inch pips In unlikely toitable sseont housver. It is onsntionablo vhathnr the production levels forseast forshould be vleved as xdjrfmna levels, na sen be Inferred r

S. Soviet requirements for eO-lnoh Pipe

At risk of repeating Information which this Office has previously provided Deparbacat of State, we would note that the Sevan Year Plan foralla for the oonatruotlon ofllixaeters of HO-Inch oil and gas pipeline. Sanh construction vlll requirellllon notrle tons of pipe. Thla Office's most current estimate of cant rente and deliveries of euah pipe la as follows 1

SUBJECT: Confluents and Info motion Relating to Large Dlaneter Pipe ln the USSR

Soviet PurchasesInch Steel Line Pipe rrom theo/ (Metric Tons)

Exporting Country



RanalnLng on Contract





vera no deilveriea ofnch Una pipe fron the West to the

dates not known.

be completedV.

original pipe contract withiled for delivery of

one ofnch pipe, but Italy, in response to pressure fron the OS, was able to0 ton red notion ln this contract.

C. Tbe following consents on tbe itatus of construction on sons of tbe .sajor sectors of the soviet Bloc pipeline systensuntaary of the noat recent Information available to thia Offioe and may be of some help to you in your current project 1

1. The section of the OSSR-Satelllte pipeline froa Brody (OBSR) to Bratislava (Czechoslovakia) vent Into operation la tho early In early2 it was reportedotal of about I


BUBJKTi Cozaaenta and Information Relating to Large Diameter Pipe In the USSB

allUon oMtrlc tons of crude oil had beenthrough Uie line*

2. Tbe branch line froa Sehy (Ciecnoclorekla) tovaa reported to be undergoing prearure teata early inthe expectation of initial operatlona beginning

in the late eueaer or early fall.

J. The construction of the line ecroea Polandreported to hare been about half ccaejleted aa of

t. Within tha (ESS, construction has been reported underway on allofXuropean Satellite crude oil line. Early ln tha Springt was reported la the "orlet preea that work waa under wayhe eastern end of the pipeline out of KuybysheT. This wis tha first poaltlrt Indication of use of XO-lnch dl enter pipe by the USSR in oil pipeline construction.

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