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jtelligence Weekly Review

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Thla document con lain. classified Informaiton aitMtlng the national security of the United Slates wllhin the meaning of th* espionage laws, U8 Code.. The law prohibits Its transmission or Ihe icvoUUonIU contents In any manner to an unauthorised person, aa welllla use in any mannet prejudicial lo the safety or interest of lhe Untied SUles or lor the bt-ncnt of any foreign government lo lhe detriment ol the United Stales

o be arrn only by USspecially indoctrinated and aulrmbvd lo recede COMMUNICATIONS IKT ELLCE information, its security must be maintained in accordance with COMMUNICATIONS lNTKU.IOr.NCE REGULATIONS.

No action I. to be taken on any COMMUNICATIONSwhich may be contained herein, regard leu of the advantages lo be gained, unleas such arikm ki flrsl approved by lhe Director of Central Intelligence




cuhhlmt intelligence weekly hev1ew


returns from the electionsctober thaL extreme leftists iave made slight gains while the majority of positions In congress and in the statesin the hands of moderates and conservatives. Returns are almost complete for the gubernatorial races In southern Brazil, but are stillfor other contests.

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In Sao Paulo mm hi noa din; rear de Barren, whose campaign omphnalred himon, sizable margin over former President Jai Uoderato Bonifacio RogueIra, protege of the capabletrailed badly. Thetends to strengthenformer President Kubltscbrk. who openly supported Adhemar. Leftist Preaident Goulart tended to support Hoguelra but was primarily Interested In thoof Quadroe. whose rivalry he feared.

In Goulart'm home state ol Kio Grande do Sul,lido meoeghettl wonmall margin over Goulart's candidate. The electionopposition toltranationa11stoutgoing Governor Loonel Brizola.

Goulart's major victory thus far In the elections is in Guanabara. There, supporters of Goulart outvoted those of his bitter enemy, incumbent Governor Carlom Lecerda, in tne races for the vice governorship andenate seat which most Brazilian observers hadto moderate outgoing Babia Governor Uagalbars. la Brazil candidates are not bound by state residence requirement*. In the number of pro-Goulart federal deputies Increased Iron one third to one half of Guana-barn's delegation.rizola, who seeks national leadersulp at leftist notionalist forces, won a deputy's seat by an unusually large margin of votes. Communist Party central committee member Marco Antonio Coolho will also be a member of the do

o* t Badger Slln- who son thoof neighboring Klo de Janeiro State, ember ofabor Party and would support leftist moves by thedmlnlstratIon,

In the key northeastern Staleernambuco, conserva-

tive Cleophas la leading pro-Communist Arraea but voting trends indicate that either candidate could winmall margin. In the event of atbe victor wouldnot be known for months.

Roturns in races are not yet most states.

in the Senate elactlons, the winners of f theeats at stake now are known. Otrc centrists or conservatives, two aretwo are Communist fellow-travelers, and two are leftist ultranalionalis la. Othersbe readily damnified, Including, for example,industrialist Ermlrlo deho helped finance the pro-Communist gubernatorial candidate In Pernambuco. Tbe outgoing senators Included only one leftist ultranatlonailst and no Communists or fellow-travelers .

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