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new Yemeni regimeis gaining some ground as clashes between revolutionary forces and royalist tribesin the mountainous northern and eastern sections of Yeman. Byctober, Sadah, thecity which has been the center of royalist activity, had fallen to revolutionary forces, Serious fighting has alsoin the Wadi al-Jawf area and along the road whichSana with the rebel-held town of Marib.

UAR Aid Continues

Egyptian troops andsupplies continue to in Yemen in substantial quantities. Nasir is apparently prepared to provide whatever forces are necessary to ensure the success of the revolution. It Is estimated that Egypt now hasroops In Yemen. Egyptianare conducting bombing strikes against tribal areas.

Nasir has also provided civilian advisers. wo of his top-level aides visited Sana have reported that Egyptians in: military and civilian attire are much in evidence. According to one report, the fact that theare obviously exercising much authority has alreadyin some grumbling and resentment among Yemenis.

There is some evidence of infighting among top leaders of the Revolutionary Council,rumors of frictionPrime Minister Sallal and Deputy Prime Minister Baydani.

Saudi Involve mo tit

King Saud, meanwhile, is under strong pressure to step up his commitment to theforces. King Husayn, who fears that defeat for thein Yemen may mean

Yemeni revolt


urged him to intervene more Jordanian leaders have stated flatly thattroops would be sent tothe Saudi regime In the event of an upheaval in Saudi Arabia.

'd was reportedly placedtate of emergency. However, there is nothing to indicate that Saudi troops have actually crossed into Yemen.

Imnm Badr, who crossed over briefly into Saudi Arabia, has returned to Yemen after having been supplied with weapons. Prince Hasnn. according toradio, has renounced his claim to the Imamate in favor of Badr.

the Council of Ministers andFaysal prime minister with authorization to name his own new cabinet.

Soviet Moves

Increased Soviet confidence in the stability of the revolu-ionary regime' is reflected in

Oct 62


9 of 21

Moscow's current propaganda on Yemen. While Initial Soviet comment had cautiously termed the overthrow of the oldpeople'soscow now describes itnational liberationhus giving the new regime considerably more status. The Soviet slogansIssued for the October

The now government would probably be receptive to any Soviet offers of economic and military aid. Onctober Sana radio announced that "the technical aid agreement concluded between the Yemeni Arab Republic and the Soviet Union was renewed." This agreement provided for the

anniversaryreeting for the first time to the "people of the new Yemeni Republic" who are "struggling selflessly for the freedom and Independence of their motherland."

constructionort at Hudaydah and the supplyingumber of Sovjejexperti

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