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anatomy of spying elh. (vndon: arthur barker. . )

ronald selh. proline british writer in the pep-jtar history of warsaptorjge. has had somen the field,s trained compreftrnsttfly by the wartime special operations executive and parachutedone tpissicn into german-occupied estonia, where after swing htt radio and wandering in the woods for twelve days he was picked up by the oeslapo. he jikcewfuhy withrtcod at three-hscr banging by the genital* and other torture* and, taken then to germany, was able to deceive his inieirvgalorsto his linguistic skills anri into bellenng that he wis coot* rating with them. this experience lends sorce realiira to histoo facile and uncritical plucking* frcm thef

thi* latest ccrnpilation. although its title and the chapterion. security. commuiiiratisr.i. counter-esplonage. the double-spy. etcit the aurax-trmal synthesis baud oniillyonlyramework upon which the author canapsule* ranging from odysseus* wooden hm* toitotan, moot of them repeated from hi* earlui bocks. the reliabuda;fj^hts case history* can ben two frorn' 'iheame rican revolution and cull war, re*pcctive!y. edward bancroft, the british agent trho penetrated at tup level benjaminission toe put* into the "despicable" category of double agrnt, "nocoundrel thanhe flench royal ist-rcpus-lcan double operator. and in ihe waj he inflates thef lafayette baker quite beyond recognition:

one of the most brilliant natural spies ofs**cci*ervn. with real re^er.ureeuon of esp"nder piker, the rel* faj'dounle reiplonafe services in the kcrth's utcrare eletarya considerablen baker's makeke

'see john p. yaliiancourf* -td-ard bancroftd*ards> estimable spy-m i.


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case of FraJicti Powers,by bit own Mfwn before he nlbrouchl 'o tual by hn cantors"ra-mlsc.-atrs withn'a.hate tadorale assailed by secretabout the jood fai'h ofasters" II the spy In trouble sees that his Hiaa&rra evi"ViKe acjlrvsi him gratuitously, Uien mhkh he habituallyiroleniaKfhe author concludes that Allen Dulles "I* not in the tiaiitun o( the Kieathelhrr because he sanctianed thealtmenta aboutr becauw henet the unfetteredf the CIA thai he-ohe pohtieiaru from maXine himhis orgsmratlonirulcut"


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