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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary

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military forces in four days of operations established control of Elisabethvllle and of Klpushl, the mining tovn' Northern Rhodesiao border, and routed Katangan forces at Kaminavllle. near the UN-held alrbase at Kamina. The UN then moved toward the mining towns of Jadotvllle and Kolwezl, where Katangan military elements bad boon concentrated. There had been no Katangan airupanuary.

I Customs and immigrationinls in Katanga. Theseials now are on their way to Elisabethvllle.

Furthermore. Tshombe was to send his officers toto take an oath of allegiance to the centralto cooperate with tbe UN In removal of his mercenaries, and to permit complete freedom of movement for UN forces throughout Katanga.

UN publicly announced onecember that lt would halt further militarypending new Overtures to Tshombe to implement the UN reintegration plan. Thiswas reversed, apparentlyesult of protests from UN officials and militaryin the field who feared the momentum of UN military successes would be lost--as In Septomber andanuary, Thant reportedly ordered UN forces to halt on the outskirts of Jadotvllle. apparently to try to get Tshombe' to return to Elisabethvllle.

In bis public statement onecember, Tbant called for Tshombe and Union Uiniere (UMHK) to send representatives toimmediately In order to begin discussions on payment of foreign exchange and export tax receipts to the central UMHK officials in Brussels have indicated they now are willing to do this.

Thant also called onto accept central government

Thant called on Adoula to give reassurances of an amnesty for Katangan leaders and tofurther modification of the new draft constitution. Ho asked both Tshombd and Adoula to agrcoroop standstill.

Tshombe has againto fight to the end and toacorchsd earth" policy Insofar aa the Belgian mining lnsta11atlona are HowQvar. when faced in the past with strong military pressures, and the possibleof his forces andTshombe1 has chosen torather than to fight.

Katangan forcesajor confrontation with the UN forces during thr operations around Elisabethvllle and Tshombe' appears to have hoped that internationalfrom London. Brussels, and Paris would force the UN to halt

The Adoula government In Leopoldville, elated by UN



current intelligence weekly summary

auccesiei, Obviously hopese able to Imposegovertuaent controls lasoon. Tha government is trying to get the UN to agree to permit Congo National Amy (ANC) force* to enter southern Katanga. Defense sinister Anaoy has asked Ambassador GullIon to arrangeS airliftNC troopa to Elisabethvllle.

Tbe Introduction of aANC force Into thearea would very likely result in serious disorders and widespread fighting Involving Katangans and the local Belgian population.

Adoula meanwhile has carried out what Ambassador Gulllon has called "tbe famous creeping coup": Parliament has beenuntil March. No disorders have been reported, however,because Adoula made lt clear that Parliament was only on vacation and that salaries would continue.

Ths Senate, before thepassed with Its consistent

ensure motion against Vice Premier Jason Sendwe, the principal Baluba tribal leader in northern Katangaong-time polity

leal foe of Tabonbd. (sepret


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