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much hesitation and Indecision Premier Adoula has decided to recess tho Congo Parliament until March. Ato that effect has been drafted and presumably will be issuedew days.

Adoula's continuation ofsalaries and Mobutu's support of the move shouldany serious anti-government demonstrations.

Opposition attacks on the government have becomeeffective since late The unanimous resolution by the loeer housealling for release of the leftist former Stanleyville leader. Antolne Olxenga.ear-censureecond one of Adoula's ministers, apparently convinced the premier he mustecisive move If thewere to stay in office.

Adoula's reluctance to ro-parllament ls evident in the draft order. It contains no criticism of the opposition and clearly states thatis only being put onnot dissolved, and that tbe next session will resume in March. In the Interim, Adoula says, the government willon solving the Katangan problem and revising the Congo economy.

Tho latest effort to get Tshombe to end his secession istandstill. The Rolglan proposal that Union Miniere (UMHK) henceforth split itstax payments aed foreign exchange earnings between and the centralby Tshombetalled over the arrangements foron its details.

Tshombe maintains that only tho Katangan government, not UMHK, is competent to discuss the payment plan,and be hasM invitation to the Belgian head of the Katangan Rational Bank and local UWtlK financial officials to begin discussions ln Leopoldville. The bank official refuses to go without Tshombe's approval, and UMHK officials insist tbsyexpose their facilities and personnel to Katanganby taxing unilateral action. Tshombe chargeshant'S call for an economic embargo against Katanga, and US and UK intentions to impose aby force, as indicated by tbe visitS militaryto the, have changed the previous atmosphere of detente

army troops inwere alerted onecember and restricted tobut Adoula dropped earlier plans to arrestpposition deputies. Outcries from the opposition are certain, but

UN Under Secretary Bunche told US officials onecember that were it not for fear of jeopardizing the Impendingon the payment plan, the UN would have alreadythat Tshombe remove

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Katangan roadblocks around Ellaa-bothrilit,

Tensions between the UK and Katangan forces were further Increasedllltary clash onecember In which a UN helicopter was downed bygunfire and an Indian crew Member killed. When tbe Indian conaandcr of UK forces in Elisabethvillo broughtulnforeedlndian battalion, tho Katangans returned the hell-copter and tbe crew. Buncbe earned Tshombe that this would be the last tine the UN would

waste time" In protesting and negotiating such Incidents.

Soviet propaganda has attacked the US militaryto the Congo as an attempt toolitical solution favorable to OS Interests.


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