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hia called for the rapid Implementation of the UN reintegration plan without further bloodshed or "useless destruction.- By this gesture, by returning to lllssbetbvllleanuary, and by agreeing to use his personal Influence to prevent no* ight ot house arrost--the Katangan leader appears to have chosen to try to salvagefiat he can of his previous influence and poser, rather thanuerrilla nr.

Both Leopoldvllle and the IN areettlement in which Tshombe's Influence and power are so curtailed that he could not secede again. Premier Adoula is trying to move rapidly to establish the centralpresence la Ellsabeth-ville. ongolese bureaucrats are already there, and he hopes to send soon atoken Congolese Army force.

probably hopes that if he cooperates with the UN he will be able tohimself and continue his struggle with Leopoldvllle another day. It Isto what degree be has in fact loot influence andin the eyes of hissupporters. He has some bargaining power left in bis control of Kolweal and the threat to destroy Unloa Mlolere (L'KHK) installations there. If he were to lose all hope ofhis position he would probably try to carry out his threat. This prospect appears to have frightened UKHkin Leopoldvllle Into stalling on financial talks which tbey had Just begun wltb the Adoula government.

Adoula says he has noto see Tsbombe crushed. According to tbe premier, tbe re-establishment of thegovernment will be worked outegal way. apparently plans to have tbe Ketsngan sssssbly meet, and if it decides to continue Tsbombe as provincial president. Adoula says he will not object. Adoula may. nonetheless, try to exploit the UN's victory and stampede the assembly intoa more pliablegovernment.

Adoula, afraid he might again be bested by Tshombe in any renewed talks, ls refusing to moot him personally, and wants the details of aworked out withoutto Tshombe.

Adoula ls reported to be Incensed that Tsbombe was allowed to return to Ellsabeih-ville without the consent or knowledge of the central


UN official* have made It clear, however, that they will continue to eitend UN military control over Katanga with or without Tahanbd'a concurrence. They have insisted that Tshomb* innedlately renounce sny plans for further destruction, and perait unimpeded aoveaent of UN forces to Kolwesl.

The UN command has been somewhat baffled, however, as to bow to get there quickly enough to prevent destruction of the mining facilities. It lacks bridging equipmentround move from either Jadot-vlll* or Kamlna, and Itsare not adequately trained or equipped for anunder existing

Soviot Reaction

As long as the secession of Katanga continued, theUnion was able to mako propaganda capital in both the Congo and tbe rest of Africa by associating that province and

Tshombe with Woalern financial Interests and by aalllng on the UN to end the secession. Given the propaganda value of this issue and the fact that the longer the secession continued the greater was the chanceore radical government would take power In Leopoldville,has been far from happy to see the UN actually bring about reunification for the benefit of the pro-Western Adoula

Aftsr eome InitialSoviet propaganda has sought to create tbe imagetruggle for Katangan wealth between the US and Its European allies. Identifying the UK operation with Western interference In the Internal affairs of the Congo. While tbe UN operation has been viewed favorablyas lt is an effort to end tbe Katanga secession, Soviet commentators claim to see joint Nestern efforts through the UN to preserve ategree of Katangan independence.


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