Created: 1/1/1963

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YENan, Vice President of the Republic of China

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The GRC National Assembly elected Premier YEN Chia-kan Vice President of the Republic of Chinand Yen is to be inaugurated (alone with President CHIANG Kai-shek, elected for his fourth tern) ont is not now known whether he will hold concurrently his present position as Premier.

Atears of age. Yen hasey administrative official in Taiwan since the GRC took over the island from the Japanese He has served as Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of Finance, and Governor of Taiwan. He became premier in

Yen is an economist of international reputation and an important figure in the group of GRC officials that have successfully sought the adoption of :ieasures for the acceleration of Taiwan's economic development. ighly capable administrator, he is considered to be without any important degree of personal political power. His scholarly manner, his good corwand of English and familiarity with American and European affairs, derivednumerous travels and participation in international financial director, IMF andake Yen stand in marked contrast tc other semcr GRC officials, most of whoca cone frcm nilitarv backgrounds. Yen is believed to be on rood tcras with other GRC officials and is probably the one mcst acceptable tc tne Taiwanese.

The selection of Yen as vice President narks him as Chianc Kai-shek's ciioicc as titular successor. (Chiang is Yen, however^ lacks the following anc charisma to replace Chiang as the PRC's political leaner xnerobably nave tc trace iicavily upon the prestige of office and his talentsureaucrat if heo exercise real influence of his own.

An official visit to the Lnlted States would be cost usefuleans of strengthening Yen's position in the GRC. His oredecessor as Vicerace an official visit Yon last visited the United States inefore beccciing Premier. In view of current and foreseeable aifficulties one strainsGRCisitRC official ofank would also haveost useful purpose of demonstrating tc the Gi'X. friencship, support, and cooperation. The last GRC official of cabinet rank to visit. was defense Sinister Chiano Chino-kuo who caw nere5 as the ouest off:amara. inal consideration is the opportunity an official visit would afford to make Yen better known in the Umtea States, where his acquaintances have been United lamely to economic circles. The impression he conveysompetent administrator deeolyIn the economic betterment of Taiwan and its oeople should be helpful in dispelling some of the public misconceptions about the GRC and its policies


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