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recognition of the republican regime in Yemen has caused predictable bitterness in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, which continue to support the Yemeni royalists.

The Jordanian Government has threatened to reappraise its pro-Western orientation and to consider "the utility of dealings withbloc nations.

^Jordan night accopt Soviet Missionsrelude to the establishment of formal diplomatic relations with the USSR.

Both governments arethat the US action will oncournge Nasir to foment and support revolutions against them. New sharp verbal attacks on the Saudi and Jordanianas well as the UK, by Nasir and Prime Minister Salal of the Yemeni republicanwill reinforce Saudi and Jordanian determination to continue aiding the Yemeni royalists.

Although King Kusayn's roglme is unlikely in the final analysis to jeopardize vitally needed Anericanald by turnim to the blocjjj

fHuaayn and Talmay search for lesser ways to show their displeasure Tal said it apparently was essential to Increase their "nuisance value" to get Lhe US to pay attention to their views.

Tal tHHmmmmmVpl

a message to Saudi"PrimePrince Faysal suggesting that their two governmentsoint reappraisal. Faysal probably will welcome tbe proposal. The Saudisresupplied royalist forces with small arms and ammunition obtained from Pakistan and Belgium

The military situation in Yemen has not changed significantly during the past week. The UAR hasto night bombing of Yemeni royalist supply line: and positions. Although pro-royalist villages have been destroyed, the Imam's forces appear to havelittlo damage from those forays.

Tribal loyaltiesto shift. One tribe turned on and killed the revolutionary minister of information who wasit in anagainst some of tho Imam's followers, andto^Join the Imam's forces.

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