Created: 2/13/1963

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The Honorable Robert S. McNarnara The Secretary oi Defense. C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Mr. McCooc, who is currently abroad in Europe, has sent me the attached message andhat it be given to you, each member of the United States Intelligence Board, the Secretaryte, and Mr. Dundy.

Within CIA thc Deputy Director (Intelligence) and the Office of National Estimatest work evaluating the matters raised by Mr. McCone and we will keep you advised

From McCone to Carter (J3

m growing increasingly concerned over Soviet intentions in Cuba. The agent report of deep verticle wells, three to four meters in diameter in Pinar del Rio is not satisfactorily answered by negative surface indications or the absence of spoils as quantities of earth involved could be trucked away and hidden from view and other signs of workings could be easilyherefore feel we cannot dismiss this possibility on the basis of negative photographic interpretation and analysis.

2- Several recent events contribute to my growing concern over the possibility oi reintroduction of an offensive capability in Cubaish the entire Intelligence Community to intensify efforts to satisfactorily answer this ^lestion. In addition to reports mentioned, the receipt of two shiploads of unexplained military cargo and the precipitous discharging of the cargos by military personnel, together with newsossible third czrgo, iu to me an ominous sign* In addition Khrushchev's false and absolutely misleading statement that his technicians were in Cuba to train Cubans is inconsistent with the facts as were his and Dobrynm's statements prior to the October crisis.

Furthermore, the disarmament proposals meeting by thc Soviets in Geneva yesterday were so obviously unacceptable to the West (as they have been on numerous occasions during the past tenelievee staledustificationoviet offensive weapons base in Cuba than for any other purpose* Certainly they were not advanced for the purpose of serious negotiation.,

In view of all of them inclined to the view that it is highly dangerous for thej^nce Community or spokesmen for the Government toategoric position concerning the possible existence or future clandestine development of an offensive threat and am inclined to place greater emphasis on my statement that this can only be proven by penetrating and continuing on-site inspection.

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