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Bui Diem is Secretary of State for Foreigneputy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tran Van Do. To some extent his title is merely honorific, for his most substantive duties are as political advisor to Prime Minister Ky. Bui Diem likes to be called the "McOeorge Bundy ofany influential Vietnamese regard him with suspicion as an alleged opportunist and schemer. He has frequent contact with high American officials in Saigon, who have found him an effective intermediary to and from the Prime Minister.

Born in North Viet-Namui Diem studied t the Universities of Hanoi and Grenoble, France. Like General Thang, heaccalaureate degree in mathematics. He has long been connected with newspaper publishing: first with the newspaper Quoc Dan in Hanoi1nd3 as publisher of the English-language Saigon Post. While he haa not openly identified himself with the Dai Viet party, Bui Diem has long had the reputation of Dai Viet activist. Helose associate of former Prime Minister Phan Buy Quat, serving in the letter's Cabinet during5 as Minister of State at the Prime Ministry. 3 he was Director of Cabinet of the Defense Ministry, then headed by Quat. For some time he served as Quet's confidential secretary.

Although Bui Diem was not an openly active participant in political affairs during the presidency of Ngo Dinh Diem, he was considered to be in sympathy with the Buddhist protest movement and opposed to the Ngo family. During this period Bui Diem was presidentotion picture production company. After the coup d'etat of ovemberui Diem served on the Council of Notables, was reportedly engaged in attempa to form a


Buddhiat political party, and supported the Buddhist opposition which brought down the Tran Van Huong Government in

Bui Diem visited the United States for two months in ths summer4epartment leader grant. Ine visited Tokyooodwill mission. In May andiem visited tha United States on diplomatic assignments.

Bui Diara speaks fluent English and Prench. Heitty and entertaining conversationalist. Be seems toide range of interests and to enjoy the company of Americans. Bui Diem is married and has two daughters.


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