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A^toli AMOnovUh

JOHN-as known to Subjects in the FUCKS Case.


Dossier No.

Followingards Idyntificatto*

is individualut wee Anatoli Jacob takovuv whose

pnatft AaT"bocn displayed loa 0. COtD has advised that this was not the Individual who* hr knew osbut that he closely resenblcd Mm

Ihls Identification tuiiMmcd. Bom1 Infiuss.

Klfe ncc Arastasla Of HIM lata TAKOVUvAl. born3 In Oullanovsk, fciss.

children. pril SI.


Wife : Anastasya. Soviet passport Departedor USSRugust

hild: Pavel (see below)


Documentation: Anatoli Antonovkh held Soviet Dip Passport9JI5 fimfIfd the in

Activities in LMted States

Cover: Soviet Vic* Consul In St- fork City, Soviet Consulate. Connection with courier, Harry GOLD.

has advised that0 to the departure of Seoen St HI HOY. who* he knew as SAK, SEKENOY had been his superior in the Sov esp apparat for which he worked. After the departure of StWWV from the US he was taken over by MK0VLOT whom he knew as JOHN who continued to run htm (New fork lines,.

com ac is

ubject i" the FUCHS YAKOYUV along with StUHOVs

in the esp network

6MCNGLASS?ewdly tn5 when contact0as established InOtO gave GRIENC-LASS JSOO which had cone fron his Soviet superior. YAKQYltv. ROSENBEHfi. Julius and Ethel. Reported YAKOVIEY was the superior of the ROSENBERGS [for further info see card on ftOSENBlRGS).



Newspaper clipping of0 to.1,ettenbcr lonatoli Jacob VAkOVlEV, with pholo of latter

eb WO.1

Sending back photo.

Also of July and August,. YAKOyUy" and


It has been learned that the "Washington Ivening, Star* of Octoberontains an article by George Heller, special correspondent of the "Star" anj the "Chicago Dallyntitled "Vast Program by Corpunists lo Dominate Vorld Disclosed." In addition, and In connection with Veller'i article, the "Star"

I of tKe vastorganisation in fraixe. Ihe charta flow of Intel Info to the Politburo through the Soviet Coverr*ent otera-ttons In Paris. Two main outlets from the So. Dip Kisslon In Paris were shown and under Ihe caption "Political Police HVD were listed the iiaews ABRAWV.HIWOV. Ihe chart showed that the Russian fol. Police in Paris were directly associated with the Embassy of the USSR In Paris.

SCf.-asviS to FBI 1 Ucerpt. fl ustier Reg.)

[Anatoli JaeoSwhose photo was loVnllfieiTby GoldSoviet espionage superior 'John" wis reported to Have taien over FILATOV* duties as Chief of the Soviet Repatriation Kission. It Is believed Wat this Info establishes that the Jakowlev shown on the Star's chart Is Identical with Harry COlO's Soviet espionage superior Anatoli Antonovleh ITAWVUV.

COID was taken over by SttKhtV.'f Hip Tiihonovlih. was sew* tiae*wo tonurn.eb

Harry GOtO ha* advised that he received evpe-ntr money fro all his Sov superiors: frcmeotal of ca vv3 to il.OOO. COtO has also advised that Ir his last meeting with YAKOVUV,AkOVLEV gaveor his past espionage expenses; at that time GOID didn't giveeceipt, although normally he did. At thai iwcting with YAKOVIEV. YAKOVIEV told GOID to prepare rip to Paris In early GOLD was torenchmanubway stop in Paris; 'he man was to approach GOID and give hla Ctftatn Info which GOtO would then take lo England and turn overubsequent contact. At about this point. YAKOVUV asked GOID where he was employed, and when GOLD said he was employed by BROMIMAS', YAKOVUV got very upset and left, not completing his discussion. GOID has advised that he believed this European assignment had to do with collecting Atonic info and that it would wybc involve more than one European trip. as also advised that on at least two occasions, YAKOVUV told him he'd introduce GOlOoung woman, whose husband was in the US Attiy, who would perform the function of doing leg work between YAKOVUV and GOtO. GOtD recalled that she lived In upper Manhattan, In the neighborhood of leiingtan Ave. and she may have been Russian born or of Russian descent, although GOLD never did ncet her.

For further info re the relationship0 and "JOHTee ref doc, whkh coetalns many details.


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