Created: 12/10/1962

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MEMORANDUM FORi Deputy Uirector (Plans)

with SIS

Conceralng Letter to ICB/GRU

1. Mr. Angleton, Chief, CI Staff,arefor tba past two weeks with Mauricethrough him with SIS headquarters in Londonto ha taken in conveying to the KGB/

I? ffci POssibiUty ef pub He revelation of certain of tha information provided ua by s an indueeeent for tore considerate treatment of| Hand theOf th* British Businessman aTHNE.

ou know, you approved *riflnaliy anlatter to ths KGB/GRU written to this affect with the stipulation that It Be passed covertly through British channels to th. KGB cad GRU. SIS objectedto. thisnd we Informed thorn that we wore disappointed wita their pealtion In thia matter,

recently tn communicationsin London ta rough Maurice Oldfieid. wethat they bad indeed reversed thoirproposed alscossieasth* Foreign Officethe opinion of Mr. Angleton and ae, went audiata Hadf Peroral categoriesinformation that amfaafaaaal baduring

tanur*oint -Rent of SIS/CIA. Further,to make an official approach through local of th* KGB and GRU acting oh behalf ofCIA. Mr. Angletonbjected vigorously topointing-suit that this Agency could not,circumstance, condone tha establishaent of anwith any iutelligence organ of tho Sovietwe pointed out that the revelation to xhelarge areas of aaawafaafanal substantive reportingcounterproductiv* in that lt would proviSa thesolid grounds on which to initiate aan both the II. S, and

subsequent negotiations and afterwith the British Foreign Office, SIS proposed


it take official unilateral action including the consideration of the possibilityass "PNGing" of Soviet intelligence personnel in the U. K. We objected to this on the followini groundsi

a. SIS cannot In realistic terns make anyto either the KGB or GRUlight of the fact that the Sovietlearned fros asmmmmmmmV that thisoint I

We canaot consider any proposal leading to the sassf Soviet officials because of the obvious and certain retaliatory steps which will be taken by Soviet authorities.

Ms cannot consider any official contact orte the KGB or GRU in London. Weto consider the use of writtencoached in general terns whichthe possibility of revelationknown to us froa amammmmaal concerningofficial and unofficial representatives r GRU abroad; or we are willing

corridor the. useleared British attorney ostensibly, acting on behalf of Mm. WYNNEeonauaicat* similar information.

d. We are of the opinion that w* should include a

request alluding to the safeguardingsV

in addition to the release of WVNHfl with the full ,knowledge that the threat insofar as it pertains WW towill be little nore than but may aerve to disrupt further relations between the KGB and the GRU.

reached the -point in our negotiations with SIS. as represented by Maurice Oldfield, whereof an. official Agency position is required and we are recommending that you approve the above. In thist you may wish to inform the Director of thosein the event that the natter is raised with him by Sir Dick White, -Director of SIS.

Howard J. Osborn Chief. SR Division

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