Created: 4/16/1963

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SUBJECT: Meeting with the53 In Palm Beach, Florida

Lundahlomplete briefing on the latest satellite

photography of the Soviet Union and both satellitehotography of Communist China.

in some detail the Donovan negotiations ln Cuba, Gave

ummary of the Donovan discussions

President raised the


the President a

opy of my memorandum oth on Cuba, question of Miro Car dona, stated that Car dona had misrepresented therged that the President not Involve himself personallyublicwith Miro Cardona.

I raised the question of the possibility of working on Castro with the objective of disenchanting him with his Soviet relations causing him to break relations with Khrushchev, to effect the removal of Soviet troops from Cuba, reorient his policies with respect to Latin America, and establish in Cuba government satisfactory to the rest of the Hemisphere. Ij explained to the President that the Cuban problem muat be solved in one'of two ways; either the manner outlined above or alternatively, by bringing consistent pressure of every possible nature on Khrushchev to force his withdrawal from Cuba, and then to bring about the downfall of Castro by means which could be developed after the removal of the Soviets troops (but not before) and thereafteratisfactory government In Cuba. tated to the President that we were studying both courses of actionad not made up my mind concerning the feasibility of either plan. The President thought both approaches should be carefully examined and suggested the possibility of pursuing both courses at the same time. In any event it was decided that we should



standpoint in view of the stand-down of the hit-and-run exile operations the danger of attribution, etc. The President seemed to question whether active sabotage was good unless it wasype that couM "come from within Cuba." aid this was

uonia oenly il it was an essential building block in an agreed program to remove the Soviets from Cuba and to take

5. Advised the President of my plansrief trip to Europe. Also advised himad delayed my departureew days in order to meet with the Killlan Board ond. epeated my very strong objections to the KUlian Board report andelt the report should either be withdrawn from the Board or amended. The President urgedot engageontroversy over this report, he had decided not to circulate it, that only one copy was in existence, and as far as he was concerned he had dismissed the entire matter. old thead not discussed the Board's report with the Board, but ii they brought itntended to urge its amendment but would not engageontroversy with the Board.

Discussed briefly the problems of Soviet leadership in the USSR and gave theopy of the paper on this subject.

Advised the President of the study of future satellite photographyad initiated. It was obvious from our brief discussion on this subject that the use of the OXCART over Soviet territory was of great concern to him and he was most hopeful of Improving satellite photographyoint where it would suffice our intelligence needs.

Briefly discussed the views of Mr. Kelly Johnson on the TEX

and the Navy's plans toubmarine research center on Andros Island in the Bahamas,


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