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difficulties and rising costs, particularly the development of anuclear weapons system, nay be causing Franco toarder look at its capability to develop an Independentforce. Paris, of course, remains firmly committed toits own force. There arc some indications that it now may be looking for ways to amellorati differences within the Westorn Alliance in the hope thatrelations would bring technological aid.

Retired Air Force General Pierre Gallois, one of the most ardeot advocates of _an indenond-ent force^ told

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"the Iirst-gensration nuclear force, based on the Mirage IV bomber, is already obsolete, but would have to bo maintained3 Ho expects delays of several years beyond the planned operational datesissile-firing nuclear submarine, an air-to-surface missile compatible with anaircraft, andbombs or nuclear warheads.

latlon in the production of thermonuclear weapons.



he devel-

submarines, and otherdelivery systoms. These programs are ln the early development stages, however, and most of the major technicalstill He ahead. Despite the new spato of claims by the French tbat their nuclear force ls moving ahead as planned,manpower and funds have been spread thinlyumber of programs, and the difficulties of holding to originaltimetables may now be as apparent to the government as they have been to the technicians involved.

As for the Mirage IV, minor delays have been noted, butof the aircraft tounits ls still expected to bogln this year and Francebas tbe capability, and may already havo begun, tofission weapons compatible with this aircraft.

also are indications of technical difficulties at France's Pierrelatte gaseous diffusioney instal-

The findings of thereappraisal of the strike-

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program which De Gaulle bad ordered in late December may have made him realize the barriers ahead. This would help explain the more conciliatory stance he is reportedly adopting on Western Alliance differences.ecent conversation with Archduke Otto of Hapsburg, ho said he thought lt was time to improve relations with his Do Gaulle admitted that the positions ho had taken in January and February had caused disarray in tbe alliance, but said he had felt compelled to moveramatic mannerof his concern overand nuclear developments

which did not fit his design for Europe.

Gallols, who has high-level connections in the Frenchhaa intimatedhaw in Paris' attitude onpolicies may be in the offing. On tbla score..hea new nuclear -xvm/uxu mnii be worked out among the Western He also predicted awltb the British and said France wants more than anything else to have thediscrimination of the _ASI_ ended.

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