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of Italy's national elections onndpril will probably favor continuation of Amintore Fanfani'a center-leftln Parliament by Pletro Nenni's Italianexpected losses by Fanfani'a Christian Democrats. The small Social Democratic Party is expected to gain heavily from its role as principal architect of the center-left formula. The Republican Party, the Christian Democrats' other cabinet partner, will remain negligible in strength despite the increased prominence of Republican Budget Minister La Haifa. Moat observers feel theocialists will be lucky to hold their own.

The three cabinet parties and their Socialist allies have toned down the mutualwhich marked the earlier weeks of the election campaign. Both Fanfani and ChristianParty Secretary Moro have urged voters who do not choose to support the major party to back its allies, including the Nenni Socialists.

Besides Fanfani's "opening to thenother newln this campaign ls Italy's "economichich had not fully developed at the time of the last national) and for which both Christian Democrats and Communists claim credit. Another development is the move to the right by theconservative Liberal Party, which ls bitterly attacking the Christian Democrats, and lstoubstantial gain overercent share of8 vote.

Moro, however, bas reiterated his party's stand against anywith the right, specifically with the Liberals. Even ex-premier Scelba, who had earlier reportedlyclean centor-left"the present cabinet parties but excluding the Nenni Socialists, said last week: "it is moreto bring tbe Socialists into the democratic camp than to collaborate with the Liberals."

Conflict between tbe once allied Communists and Socialists ls sharpening. The Socialist dally,as beeneries headlined "Ad Alternative Which Does Not Exist" whichthe Communists' claim to represent an alternative to what they call the "phony center-left" exemplified by the present Tbe Socialists bave also sought to embarrass the Communists by criticizing the Soviet cultural crackdown and exploiting reports of discord within the Kremlin. Nevertheless, the Communists,arty organization superior to that of the Socialists, willat least maintain theirstrength. They are working especially hard to draw votes from Socialists opposed to Nenni's "opening to the right."

As for other parties, the neo-Fascists will probably hold their own, and the expectedof the monarchists should help tho Liberals and Christian Democrats. The Adzhubeyand the latest papal are expected to haveeffect on the voting. iiimi in i

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