Created: 4/17/1963

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HKHjitAtuOuM PORi Kr. KcQeorge Bundy

Spec 1a1 Assistant to tha President The White House

Atomic Energy Commission

1. My statement to yon yesterdayemorandum you hadnay have been in errorare not yet been able to locateI bad in mind. ay have been confused by an instructionreceived from our Director. In any event, wo are pursuing,to me.

Aooording to our understanding, tbe relationship of the CKA

(French Atomic Energy Comniaoion) to tha Frenoh Government is as

Ministerupervision of all atomic matters "sarTTi

is the Frenoh Government la entrustedinister Delegate, who is epeoially appointed to the French Premier, to whom he is responalbla. This Minister Delegate presides over the Atomic Energy Committee and ooordinatea tbe work of the various Ministries concerned with nuclear natters, the presentDelegate is Oaston Palewski.

Energynder the MinisterCommittee defines the policy of the Frenoh AtomicIn drawing up the program of research,projects.

Atomic Energy Coraissionbe GEA is

the functioning craaniiation and, as auoh, la the chief architect and principal contractor of the French nuclear program. Tbs CEA functions under ananoralltfi Cor.-nlssioner. The Administrator General is in charge of aominl-stration and flnanciAl direction and tha High Commissioner is in charge of scientific and technical direction. Ihe Higi Coranissloner is under the authority of the Atoralo Energyand his annual report is submitted to it for ajomination

and approval. Theeerc at present held by Pierre Couture and Francis Perrin,

ttached la an organisational chart which liets the principal officials of the CEA by organisational departanents, ae


Deputy Director (Plans)

- Orranitranne et ^opposition dea Conitcs,

des Conaeile et dea Coridssions ConaultatiTee Autpres du C

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