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Prime Minister Eric Williams appears to be making some headway in efforts toaribbean economic and political bloc. Hisposition at home is strong, and he has long been ambitious to extend his influ-throuehout the regi<

announced on 3 Aprileeting of the beads ofin the West Indies area should be held, possibly in June. He proposed an extensive agendaide variety of economic, political, andmatters of common concern. The main purpose of the meeting, however, is apparently toa Joint approach to the US for economic aid. Onpril Williams claimed publicly that the leaders of Jamaica, Barbados, and even Britishwere cooperating in his plan for closer Caribbean ties.

the collapse of the West Indies Federationelations among Jamaica,and British Windward and Leeward Islands have been Williams subsequentlyeries of moves calculated to tighten inter-Caribbean relations.

First he established closer ties with Dutch Surinam. isit to Jamaica inon other matters, Williams negotiated an agreement for the exchange of highand the establishment of working parties to discuss matters of mutual Interest. Williams also visited British Guiana and persuaded Prime Minister Jagan to retain an interest in the continuationegional university, Williams* efforts were assisted by his acceptanceew rice trade agreement on Guianese terms.

After talks with leaders of Barbados and Antigua, Williams

generally respected in thearea for his academic and political attainments. He apparently has elicited not only considerable sympathy for his ideaseasure ofin his leadership as well. There is some disagreement,about the desirability of closer cooperation withBritish Guiana. Williams' role is particularly significantime whenother state most capable of areaseems uninterested in taking up the challenge.

In Jamaica, Williams'attitude toward the OS may haveesponsive chord among certain ministers who feel the US is indifferent to Jamaica's aid needs, and might undermine in the long run Prime Minister Bustamante's stro support of the US.

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