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leas il OS across the Red Sea from Jidda, has now been developed to nocowmodato MIGs nnd

The Suiulls havoroop io pouitioiia along the Rod Sea coast, liave trlwd to improve .tnl lali-craft .dwfemswJ for towns and airfields),havo ordered national guard reinforcements to he ready to move to tho southern border area. Saudi officials have plnnnod an expansion ofsocurlt


11Ii the victory of UAH rorces In Yemen nearly assured and with tho Saudi Govorninont nevertheless persisting in supporting tlio Yemeni royalists, Nnsli* is stopping up pressure on the Fuysul rogime itself.

Egyptian radio transmitters Innd .Sunn have begun to Jam tho relatively weak WoCOi radio.

Onarch Egyptianresumed the bombing of Saudi terxitory near tho Yemeni border.

A small amount of additional military equipment from lhe Soviet Ihjjoii has arrived in Yemen.

Naslrarch had agreedemporary suspension of such attacks in order to give new mediationhance to show some signs of progress. Mo now may foel that those deldcate negotiations have not been movlnr forward fast enough.

yNaglr was also prob-ably aware" that tho Saudihas been using the rospito from Egyptian bombings to build up stockpiles of arms ondnear the border for the Yemonl royalists.

Czechoslovakian officials have boen visiting Yemen this wook, reportedly to survey the Yemeniequirements for military equipment.

With Egyptian and Yemeni military units now back in control of the towns of Ita rib and liar lb and operating in territory near the undefined .JKirder with

In any case, both the UAR nnd Saudi Arabia have beenthoir contingencypreparations. Egyptian naval units, including submarlnos nnd motor torpedo boats, as well as destroyers, remain in an advanced state of readiness. The UAR ls also continuing to move military equipment and personnel to Yemen. The UAH military command may bo propar-lng for air and naval attacks on towns in tho contral ond northern sector of the SaudL Red Sea coast as woll as for intensified military action against tho Saudi bordor area. The new Egyptian airfield at Rob lianas,


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