Created: 10/3/1963

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the United States

of Hwami (King) Mwambutsa IVof former Prime MinisterLeon Ndenzako was named Ambassador toinin

Washington in early October. "'

A sociable, suave, able diplomat.


rincipal figure In Burundi politics in the past few years_anjL is still felt by many toowerful force in the government.

he has also been an open supporter or the Mwaml and has effectively worked for the maln-tenance of the monarchy^ P

utsi, was born 00 he was chief at Kabezi ln Bubanza and In this position was well-liked and worked hard,

He attend-

in ABtriaa irora lyjn tond70 served as governor of Mushasha-Sud Province. In0 Ndenzako went to Belgiumrainee in the Foreign Minlstryl

1 he served as the Mwaml'a private secretary, cnier or protocol and as Grand Marshal of the Court, acting ln the latter capacity .until his appointment ae Ambassador.

denzako is married to Regina, the youngest daughter of the Mwaml; and they have three .children. He ie also the younger half-brother Of Michel Ndenzako, second vice president of the National Assembly.

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