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Minister of Induatry

A relative newcomer to the Canadian national political acene (having been first elected to Parliaasent in, Charlee "Bud" Drury, who is emerging aa one of the meet influential members of the Pearson Administration, vas originally appointed Minister of Defense Production in Prime Minister Pearson's cabinet formed in Upon ita creation in June of that year, Drury vaa tapped to head the Department of Industry. Xn addition"toev duties, he continues to dlBcharge theof his former position since the functions of the Department of Defense Production were transferred to the nev Ministry.

A former civil servant* Drury retiredistinguished and promising career in the Canadian Public Service5 to become preeidentamily firm, the Provincial Transport Company, and to eupervlBe other business organizations established by hla father. In politics as veil aa In buelnesa, Drury haseputation aa .eat. independent-thinking leader. During the formation of the Liberal Party's defense policy statement at the1 Rational* Joined forces vith Paul Hellyer, nov Minister of Defense, to prevent the. Party from joining the unilateralist and anti-SOHAD camp. Ingain In exjunction with Hellyer, Drury made public statements advocating the uae of American nuclear warheads, and Canadian NATO forces.

While helose friend of the US, Drury istaunch Canada firat" advocate. In trade and industrial matters, he tends to support lover tariffs and free trade, but feels that the vast amount of foreign control and influence over Canadian industry should be curbed. In foreign affairs, he normally backa US policies, but haa criticized our anti-Castro program, which he thlnke helped to solidify the Moscow--Havana alliance.

Born on IT2 in Montreal, Quebec, Charles Mills Drury attended the Royal Military College of Canada, HcGill University, and the University of Parle. He practiced lav6 During Worlde served abroad with the Royal Canadian Artillery, and at.e waa the youngest Canadian ever to achieve the rank of brigadier.i-b3 he vas assigned to Washington, first ae Assistant Military Attache and later as Attach*. 5 he vas named chief of the united Hationa Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (USRRA) mission in Poland, and in the course of his work there established excellent rapport

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