Created: 11/14/1963

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SUBJECT : RecentCAS Discussions Concerning the Transfer of Certain Programs

Summarized below are the discussions between MAC(V) and CAS Saigon regarding the possible transfer of certain CAS paramilitary and other programs to MAC(V) or jointCAS control:


MAC(V) has agreed to assume responsibility for in-country border surveillance assets and programs to be effective onctober.esult all in-country border surveillance assets would be transferred and absorbedG formationsovember.

U.S. Special Forces detachments at Khe Sanh, Kham Due, Dak Pek and Dac To would revert to MAC(V) operational controlovember.


The entire mountain scout program will be taken over by MAC(V) effectivectober. All mountain scout units would bo directed to report to the nearest CIDG formation in their localities.

Intelligence (CI) Teams

A planning paper prepared by MAC(V) datedugust was discussed between MAC(V) and CAS. As ofctober discussions concerning the transfer of Cl teams were still underway. In the jointCAS messageent to you today, it was stated that MAC(V) has the capability to absorb the CI0 individuals operating in teams of approximatelyen each)art of the CIDG strike forces and it was felt that this action would enhance U. S. management and control of these assets.


There haveumber of discussions concerning MAC(V) participation in the Norm Vietnam operations program. Thore have been discussions in Washington and in the field concerning the establishmentoint Operations Center that would be staffed by both MAC(V) and CAS officers and these would together direct andoint program in collaboration wi

t-/Z- Cot.

the appropriate Vietnamese services. The jointCAS message sent to you todayescribes two concepts for operations into North Vietnam for discussion at the forthcoming Honolulu conference. Under both concepts, it was stated that CAS should retain the direction and coordination of psychological warfare operations and deception under jointly conducted operations with the Vietnamese against North Vietnam.

c. Funding

Discussions have been held with the Comptroller of CAS concerning the funding, duringf the border surveillance program and the mountain scout program after transfer to It has been agreed that should be earmarked for the border surveillance program and should be earmarked for the mountain scout program, and that

mcsu luuuB Would be added to Operation Switchback funds for use by MAC(V) during No agreement has yet been reached for the funding of the above programs or the funding for the combat intelligence teams forhis presumably will be discussed at theovember Honolulu conference.

For your information, it is estimated that as ofctoberthe border surveillance program and

the mountain scouts. Thus, these latter amounts would be si the larger figures listed above which represent total figures for

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