Created: 11/5/1963

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NO. 3



1. Ngo Dinh Can, former strongman of northern South Vietnam and Diem's younger brother, ls being held by coup leaders In Saigon for interrogation, to be followed by trial or exile. He appeared at the US Consulate in Hue yesterday, was flown to Saigon, and turned over to revolutionary authorities under guarantee of fair trial. The aged mother of the Ngo brothers, in failing health, ls still ln her guarded residence in Hue; there are rumors that she has died.

Coup leaders bave repeated press reports from the north that Can is detested by the people for his cruelties, and might well have been lynched if the Hue population had bad an opportunity. In addition to yesterday's rumors that mass grsves of political prisoners had been found on Can's estate, there now are descriptions, confirmed by Consul Helble's personal inspection, of dungeons built into former French ammunition storage buildings on Cau's property.

Labor leader Tran Quoc Buu was released in the early morning hours Tuesday. Coup leaders had told Ambassador Lodge that he had not been arrested and must have been kidnaped.

General Duong VanBigisplayed anger over US intercession in Buu's behalf Monday and stated that Buu would be released only after due process of law. Buu was, inember of the regime's semisecret Can Lao party, but Premier Tho described him asittle fish" and urged bis

4, Formationew provisional government bas been announced. Full executive and legislative powers rest with "Big" Minh as chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council. Except for budgetary, tax, defense, and security matters, governmental

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powers in turn are delegatedabinet underTho, tho former vice president. man cabinet, with General Don as Defense Minister,Oai as Minister of Information, and opportunistic General Ton That Dinh as Minister of Public Security, otherwise comprises largely technicians from the civil service. _The Minister of Rural Affairsoldover from the Diem cabinet. Former Foreign Minister Vu Van Mau and General Tran Vanittlelatter obviously alarmed over Dinh'soriginally slated to be Foreign Minister and Minister for Youth respectively.

Kim Tuyen, former chief of thesecurity service who had been leading one

of the groups of anti-Diem plotters from quasl-exlle, hurried back to Saigon on the heels of the coup and was promptly arrested forountorcoup. At the other extreme, five Viet Cong agents reportedly have been arrested in Saigon. One ofirl, hadrenades, anderrorist outbreak had been plannedovember.

The curfew has been shortened to three hours in Saigon. Some censorship is still being exerted, as demonstrated by blank spaces in the local Most secondary schools appear to have opened, although short on attendance as students continue toestive mood.

Madame Nhu's three younger children have arrived in Rome, and Mme. Nhu is expected to fly there tomorrow. Vatican officials said Diem's brother. Archbishop Thuc, could probably beto remain in Rome until the end of the Ecumenical Council, now scheduled to adjourn 5 atican official contacted by the USin Rome agreed that Thuc's return to South Vietnam probably would serve no useful purpose.


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