Created: 1/13/1964

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OilANDUM FOR Tilt. PR_kSJDLNX SUBJECT: visit of President Sagai

Aaho had followed Italianor Presidentew aoou&Mti an lb* Sugni via It to supplement themtnoraoaUzr. of tba Sac rata ry of State.

1. President Segalali ax poUiiciax who hat served hia country aaoorablyariety of poet.. With American* hao alar tha partlaa, genial, liberal-minded friend, aa objoctlve aldar state eman far above grubby Italian aavnaoticking only to offer as Ua disistarested advice. In fact, haaagh and determined co&aarvaUva operator, who aaa baaa deeply opposed to the center-loft reform programittle Leas so asm with Fan-fani oat of tho picture) aad who retains political interests of hia own in the Italian situation.

Ha probablyumber of ulterior motives in making thia trip. Ho reeentad Proeldamtupport of tho center-left approach and doubtless hopes that yoa will think differently, or that aa canrow to think differently. Ha weald like ta bring back to Rome the impression that ha ia tha aathorltatlve channel to and from tho American government. In particular, ha would like to use tbla visiteans (a) of gathering ammunition against tha idoro government, and (b) of enlarging too praotigo and prerogatives of hia own position as President of Italy.

Tho MLF will probably bo crucial to Segal's strategy. uide, ha would like to bo abla to re torn to Homo and aay that Washington ia insisting oa aa Immediate final Italianto tho htl-F. Tbie would place in hiaatent Instrument with which to attack tha Mara government. Ha aaa uaed thia tactic before, at November, whan tha adaro government waa la process of formation, Segnl wont so far aa to send ward tohat tha

(j. S. waaingefinite btXJP commitment(CIA Carront fotalligonco Weekly,ha OA adds that "Segni might exploit



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thia leaue again to strain the coalition." For thii rtuoa, il is In. port ant that nothing be eald to Segai or uy oi his party which would allow them to claim that Washington la instating on an MUT deadline. We ehouldUir thai wm em tryinj neither to niihor to poatpono tham. (A* farSocialists, Rainhardt reports Nenni se saying onith regard to the MUT that "he felt eon that following Britishe would be able to bring Ufa party along"). rder to guard against misintsrpra-tations ot* the U. S. position, it wouldaragat were preaant in as many of the talks with Americana poeslble.

4.ope you will feel inclined to emphasise to Segnl that you are an old New Dealer and believe that the aourae of social progress and justice is the beat way to reduce the power of con*monism) that you well remember the walls of alarm from tbe American baeiheesa generation ago over reform meaaurea which are now accepted on every handi and that you hope President Segni will use his great influence to get the conservative forces in Italy to go alongeasonable reform program. You might also say (as recommended by our Embassy in Rome) that you look forwardisit la the near future from Primear Moro.

Arthur Scaleatnfler, Jr.

cc: cc: Ray Cline

Bill Moyers


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