Created: 2/10/1964

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CENTRAL INTEDLIGENCE AGENCY Directorate of Intelligence4


SUBJECT: Probability of Attacks Against US Troops

Sent to Cyprus

majority of the Greek Cypriotconvinced that the US supports the The plan to send an internationalto Cyprus from NATO countries is denounced

by Greek Cypriots as an American attempt to enforce partition of the island.

Considerable danger exists that US troops would be singled out for attack if sent to Cyprus under NATO auspices. The well-armed non-Communist Greek Cypriot emergency forces oporate throughout the Island and wouldhreat to US forces in all areas.

Attacks might occur even if Makarlos gives hts approval to the sendingATO force. reports Indicate that be may have lost control over local units, Increasing the possibility that attacks against Americans could be launched on the Initiative of local emergency force commanders.

The well-organized Communists could be expected to use any means at their disposal tomembersATO force, particularly the There are0 hard-core Communists on Cyprus but the party controls many front Most nationalist Greek Cypriot leaders have opposed giving arms to the Communists. There are indications, however, that the Communists have obtained weapons in recent weeks. The Communists

are concentrated to some degree In the urban areas

particularly In the cities of Nicosia, Famagusta, Larnaca, and Llmassol. Presumably, neither Greek Cypriot nationalists nor Communists would oppose

US forces participatingN-approved police operation.



5. In short, emotions on the Island are so high, and anti-US feeling sufficiently prevalent, as to make attacks on US troops likely. They would probably run less risk of attack in ths rural areas than if they ore useduffer between the communities in the larger cities and towns. Also, US troops sightlightly more friendly reception in areas where the percentage of Turkish population Is greatest. In view of the intermingling of Greek and Turkish populations throughout the island, however, it would be imprudent to assume that any area of the island wouldafe deployment zone for US troops. (Map attached.)

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