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The Communist World


Chou En-lai wound up his long African safariebruaryhaving scored any startling immediate gains. His onlyplum was Tunisia's agreement tohinoso Communist he may also see a that some of the African nations now recognizing Nationalist China may in time follow th* Frencb lead in establishing relations with Peiping.

The Chinese Communist premier's seven-week foray into ten African capitals may have holped prepare the way for future advances,and probably should beas aa over-all success. Heavorable impressioneverywhere he went, and his personal charm has probably done much to increase respect forasong his hosts.

Tha generally cautious andtenor of Chou's approach was calculated to win over modorate Africans newly cone to power and alarmed by Peiping'a militant backing of violent revolution. Ills persistent efforts to present Chinese and African Interests as identical seen likely to increase support for China at the next Afro-Asian conference.

Chou's only serious mistake was in Guineaignoring President Tourd's wishes-heitter attack on the USledge of "full support" for Panamaive

Last-minute cancellations by Tanganyika, Kenya, and UgandaChou from exercising his personal diplomacy in theseindependent nations. of all three states apparently suspected Peiping of abetting the revolt in Zanzibar and the mutiny ln Tanganyika.

The stigma of possiblein these uprisings did not stop Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Somali Republic from receiving Chou, but his visits were notsuccesses.

The final communique1 issued in Ethiopia referred only to "normalization" of relations in tho "nearlthough tho Ethiopians have been movingformal diplomatic ties with Peiping in recent seeks. Halle Selassie may have put off Chou's pressure for immediate recognition pending an assessment of the Chinese visit tostate with which the Ethiopians havo long been at odds.

Little Is known concerning Chou's contacts with leaders in Somalia and Sudan, but the final communique's contained no surprises. The Chinese carefully avoided endorsement of Somalia'sclaimson neighboringand Kenya.

Cbou and his travelingForeign Minister Chen Yi, had been scheduled to stop in Pakistan, Ceylon, and Burma on the way home. Cancellation of the three visits in East Africa upset tbe itinerary, however, and the Chinese have returned to Peiping before setting out again for South Asia in mid-February. The interval will provide an opportunity to discuss with other leaders impressions gained ln Africa and the impact^^ierot^ Fronch recognition. w

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