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1. Mine2 CIA reconnaissance aircraftin flight test atcrashed ea

) Tha remainingIAaircraft,,, ara scheduled for delivery to the teat site onarch, andarch respectively. The threeircraft (LRX's) have all been delivered to tbe site aad two are In flight status. The third Is In final assembly. The first Air2 (reconnaissance) aircraft is scheduled for delivery4 with fiveo be delivered one each In October andnd January, February, and In addition,h2 are being reconfigured to carry the TAGBOARD drone vehicle and these two aircraft are scheduled for delivery la July and

8. Since tbe first flightIA2 aircraft,lights,1 flight hours, have been sad* as ofotal of tea aircraft at tbe teat alte in Nevada. Of these totals,lights6 hours were conducted with aircraft having8 engines installed. The only aircraft not aov using8 engine is the dual-place trainer and it will eventually be retrofitted8 engines.

date tbe longest2 aircraft flight hashours, the highest speed achieved has beenhighest altitude has0 feet. ebruaryaircraft flew at0 feet altitude forwhich represented tbe longest sustained flight atconditions. Minor effects due to tbe highencountered; however, they were in the areas wberedesigned for high temperatures had not yet beenof these components is now underway. In addition,

a variable by-pass area la being installed at tbe engine face to improve performance during such transients as shock expulsion and engine out operation.

aircraft, engines, and other criticalthe inertial navigation system, stabilityautopilot, air induction system, pilotcameras and side-looking high resolution radarspecifically developed for the program, are continuingreasonably well within the limits of testing so farflight teat program.


ft, i aircraft casters ayateas IA and IB (Perhln-llacr) are currently ia flight tent status showing gradual lasruTaaeata due to retrofit* being lnccrporatsc.IC (Perkln-Ilaer) la scheduled for delivery to ta* Area, lft rsbruarr lftftd. Two Type II cassava eyetena (Kaatnen-Kodak) are alee in flight teat atatua having desonetrated deelgn goala within the limita of alrepeed and altitude

flown to date. Although sure than fifty photographic teat

flights have been conducted, significant proof of the caaera capabilities mist await higher speeds aad altitude.

ft. To date five oxcart1 aircraft, including the two place trainer, are assigned to the operational Detachment Coeaaander aad are betas; flown by the Detachment pilots. Two of the renalnlng three2 aircraft to be delivered will alee be turned over to the Detachment, probably within one sooth after arrival at the teat site. These aircraft are being used extensively for training of the

operational pilots.

7. Although four of2 aircraft are aaalgned to flight teat and are flowa by Lockheed pilots, all aircraft are owned by the Oovernseat.

ft. Late hit Iftftd has been eat laa tednti ted operational readlneaa capability for2 aircraft.5 haa been eatlaatedull-fledged operational readiness capability for2 aircraft.

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