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Minister of Justice

Pierre Hgunzu was named Minister of Justice In the Cabinet of Prime Minister Alb in Nyamoya He had served the Government of forcer Prime Minister Andre Muhirwa loyally as Minister of Education from1 tout when Pierre Ngendandurnwe became Prime Minister, he was excluded from the Cabinet.

is an able politician and is considered influential in certain Parti de lJUnlte et du Progres National (UPROHA) circles. In2 heember of the UPRONA Political Bureau, and in3 heounselor of the UPROKA National Committee.

attended UK sessionslnd enjoyed his visit here. Recommendedeader Grant, he was planning to depart for the US ink;

utu, Kgunzu was born on1 a* Kiryama in Xitega Province. He vas named chief of Rutaca Provincebout that aaae year he entered politics as the secretary of tbe Parti du Peuple (PP).

He then became head or the rarti Hutu,

TO-uyHO.'tft group. Kgunzu became Minister of Education about In3 he vas elected to the National Committee of the Jeunesse Nationale Rwagasorend the following February he vas made an adviser to the JNR.

Hjrunzu is married to Melanie Kazase and has at least three children.


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