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Bucuml, an influential member ofAssembly, vas elected its secondon He stronglyPresident Tbaddee Siryuyumusi acd inhas supported tha Government of formerPierre Kgcndandunvc. Bucumlthe Hutu cause. In3 hea member of the Provisional Nationalof tht Parti de 1'Unite et du Progres(UPIONA) faction headed by Kutu leaderew months later he was one of the signatories toof le'tera addressed to Kwaal Kvsmbutsa IV vhlch accusedof, inter alot following the recomeendations of theofole which was not only undemocratic but also


is scheduled to visit iba UB on an Agency for International Development study program In toy and, and may continue on tb visit Taipei.

A Hutu, Bucumi was bom6 In Kitega, Burundi. After studying at tbe Ecole d' laf lrmiers in Kitega, he workedale nurse0 toT! He vas elected to tbe National Assembly oa the UPPOXA ticket In tbaI elections.


Bucuml vas scheduled to attend the IK2 and vas ar. observer at the Union Afrlcalne eteads of state conference held in Ougadougou Possessing an eagaglag personality, he has abut firm, manner and apparently does not act oa tbe spur of the moment. Ho has been described as immensely strong physically. Bucumlracticing Raman Catholic. Be la carried.


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