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of: External -Affairs' and'oerce

ormerly grand marshalBurundi royal court, ves nsaatt XinlstrrAffairs and External Ccmmarea on 6 As early aswas roorm!

e vaa tha choice ofo fill tie Foreign Ministership,een left Wtsast by the death of Lcrgio Mrju'scna. Eee=crdwrJCutss. IV, asd the Kvaai reportedly places cor-sidcrtcle ccrTidcr.ee In hla.utixa Istrong nationalist.

His past record indicates that he hasupporter of forner Prime "isister Andre Itahlrva.

Between2 and May lybl,s reported, at various times,andidateassador to the US or to the TJSS3. Although tribal and clannay have prevented his appointment to either post, he probably vas reluctant to accept any diplomatic post which vould heve removedrom the local political scene.

A Tutsirince of the Bezi clan, Xbazumutima vas bora about iyjo. Ke is the son of Chiefeading chief of the Xaruzi arrcrid isscisont, who helped the Kvealsurper of the throne in -JSC. was educated at the Groupa Scolaire in Astrida. 51 he acted as private secretary to the Kvami. In September of the letter year he vaseputy to the national Assembly on the ?arti de 1'Unite et cu Progres National (UPBOSA) ticket. In2 the Assembly reportedly nominated him as tbe Miami's chef de cabinet but therejected thellegedly because be did cot wish torecedent of accepting tbe Assembly's nominees to his Cabinet. Aciut.3 Mbazuoutlpa vas appointed grand marshal of tbe court.

*.Mbazumutiaa has the xeputation of being discreet, .

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