Created: 5/15/1964

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ours, French Room

GUEST: Fine.

DCI: I'm glad to sec you.

GUEST: Mr. Ross, Mr. McCone.

DCI: Mr.lad to see you. Let's sit down hero, where we can sit around the table. You know Mr. Kl

on't think bo.

DCI: Mr. Wise, and Mr. Ross.

GUEST: flow are you? It's nice to see you, sir.

DCI: Sit right here. Well thank you for coming down. I'm sorry about lunch, butI--

GUEST: You had lunchore lofty figure.

DCI: Well, the President called an NSC meeting at twelve o'clock, which you'll probably read all about in the evening papers because he had Ihe leadership and that always comes out In the press, and then justas leaving he askedould stay for lunch with Mc Nam ara and Rusk and

in my life. The facton't calle/er had to call Senator Fulpright at his home about any subjectocialon'tit just seems to mo that we have In both meso casos.anifference .of expression by two differente arc confident that any fact which is In the book has been autho"ntouyely stated to us by multiple sources. If the sourceswhich we find very difficult to believehave been Inaccurate, as ytip; dAlm, It somejifcat astonishes us.

DCI: Well, let me take one case here. Youaso of the Phoumi government created by CIA and the Pentagonostyou go through this chapter, and you deal else-whqrG;Wim.mis;lnstrument of the Phoumi governmentreature of CIA'and the Pentagon. ent-through all of that notart of the Intelligence apparatus butember of the National Security Council whonT was chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, because It was In that period. The fact is that except for these references to me, the incidents In tho book pre-date me, because they go back into tho Bay of Pigs, into the Iranian situation, and the Guatemala situation, and so forththey're ail before my time. There's remarkably little substantive business in the book that took place in the last twoalf years.

GUJCST: That's not just by accident dther.



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