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Z April


briefed th. NSC oa tba following Item, aa per tbanotoai

Space and Miesile

South Vietnam

d. BraaU

1ad Col. King to brief in further detail on development* inll which ha did, tat ill ling thaconference raport. April 2nd. between Secretary Ball and Ambaaaador Gordon. opy of thia tele coo ia In tba file.

With reaped to the Soviet VENUSalled thearticular attention to tha security breach which appeared ont in tha NX# YORK TIMES' Finney article entitled "Soviet Fails in Two VENUSarallel article using practically tha aam* text which appeared in tha Washingtontated thatjUSlB war* considering racommendatlona on an Investigationould present suchto the President. Tha President respondedhould go forward with any Investigations Iappropriate and ha would approve any actions

I desired to take.

NOTE: ater conversation with Bundy and Alexis Johnson, thay aa plained that both oi them, together with SpeUFgOOn Keeny, had considered releasing tha substance of the Finney article but after talking withas Ion bad decided sgalnat doing eo. All threw war* very muchhat the article appeared ia tha paper and disclaimed any responsibility.

ACTlONi Depending upon USIB'shouldSIB investigation or an FBI Investigation. In th* event of th* latter, the subject should be discussed with the President. greed informally to review/ the USIB decision with Mr. Bandy prior to proceeding.

approved for ieliase

Ruak atatad that Amb. Bohlen waa meetingGaulle today to dlacuaa South Vietnam.

ACTION: We ehould be on tha alart for ^ohlea'a report.

atatad that lt waa hla and thapinionwaa in no way ovaraUting th* depth of th* Slno-Soviet eplit,the Department waaully any evidence of action* byof thagainst th* other. Ha said no physicaldiacarniblaataised th* que it ion of the possibility

of th* abrogation of th* Soylat-ChiComreaty.

ACTION: ahould continue to atudy this problem In depth and confer from time to time withhould be kept informed for personal diecusatona with Ruak.


than brought up tha question of tha OAR relationship. H*

that the Departmentbat no benefit* had aa yet bean derived from ouro reach an understanding withaaaar had failed in hi* commitments in th* Yemen; there ware now mora troopa ln th* Yemen than ever before and furthermore he had taken overt action against Aden. . Furthermore Naaaar had stimulated Libya's effort*. and British bason and waa continuing to agitata. Additionally Nasser had been uncooparativ* in our numerous effort* to bring tho Middle Eaet arm* rac* under control. Ruak aaid hahi* question with, and informed tha Consul,. policies toward* th* UAR and Naaaar ware undar penetrating atudy by tha Department.

ACTION: DDI ahould give thla matter continuing consideration and ahould dlacuaa tho subject with appropriate people in the Department and also with ma.

than reported on Panama, stating that status quothereoaatbllity that today or tomorrow tba re would b* awould permit ua to move to the conference table. There wis noour poaltlon.

NOTE: revious conversation with tha Proaident and others, it appeared that tho Panamanians were moving away from thair Intransigent position and they themselves wareore favorable climate. In this coQvereation, which took place on April lat, the President asked m* personallyhought w* war* acting correctly on this Panamaepliedait hia position was dafendabl* and would not re command any changea.



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