Created: 2/20/1964

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SUBJECT: Meeting with the0lone

1. dvisedPresident of my willingness to go with him and to meet earl, in tha day with General Eisenhower if ha thought this would bo constructive. He said ha fait General Elaenhower might feel ha was being high-preasursd and that he intended merely to advise him of the plan to surface the OXCART and exchange formalities. Ha would than taU him hi waa ordering me to go out and brief him In tha next weak or twohould make my own arrangements.

old tba President waary sensitive effective operation

working in MexicoInvolved

telephone surveillance and waa being doneost careful manner


J Ambassador Mann knew of this from

Scott, aa did certain selected paople in State Department

Idld not know of Mann'a knowledge of tha operationupon tnn operation aa an

the CIA station.

sun tnyytaeiaeat Should not mention thiaanted nim cd enow snout itQ

9. old President Johnson that wa continued our interrogation of Nosenko; our coontarintalllganco people ware Inclined io faal balant but had not made up their minds. President salcj he thought ha waa probably lagitimate and would give ui soma good inforrhation.oped thia waahat wa certainly wars taking advantage of everything that ha did give ua; that wa were working closely with the FBI. however we could only conclude at tha moment that tha Soviet's performance and action wara so different from any other defector case thai our suspicions had been aroused. Tha President aakad to ba kept Informed.

Tha President than raised tha que at ion of Spain might return to Spain to talk again to Franco. Ha aald

situation becauae of announcement of thaf aid to

until ha read it

Britain, Franca and Yugoslavia which he did not know


in tha paper, and that he waa bealde himself bacause h# wanted to give aidillion to Spain but had the greatest difficulty in ithe Justification.


I told tha President it .van myon from infer nation gained from clandestine source* that Franco had made lomi move* to curtail trade with Cuba after my vielt with him but that the Spanish companiae wera endeavoring to circumvent hla order* by various surreptitious methods. The President askedtudy the matter carefully and speak to him about It next work.

ave asked Mr. O'Ryan to contact)

m asking Mr. Ball to contact Ambaaaador Woodward to determine whether tho Spanish had taken any actione which they have announced or rnlght cammunlcata to ua which would Indicate an Intention oh their part to curtail or rsatrlct ahipping or trad* with Cob*.

S. Tha Praaldant then said ha wanted to dovary thing poaelblo to [at me out of tha cloak and dagger bueinoaa. That ha was tiredituation that had baan built up that every tine my nam* or CIA'a nam* waa raantioned, It waa aaaoctatedirty trick. Ha aakad if our economic studlea had atood up. they had. and that thay ware raconflrTied aad aupportad byauatlve article in TIMEh*td satisfaction in CIA'a operation* but waa moat emphatic Inllng* that we should gat away from th* cloak and dagger Image anda determination to bring thla aboutat amenta h* would mak* from ttoM to tim*.


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