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Soviet Cbroalte^

* She Soviet Onion chains tha vorld'e largest totaltaMto$ ore, jjdrpoasing those ofoth in entity and guoUl*. SoughVre letted in the Kefflpixeay depoaita of Sheore looatod chiefly in the iwrtbera Orolo. Sovietnmta;

The Keegiirsav- depoeita cover an area ofOO square hilcaetere in northern JCasakhstan, and contain about TO inaivl-dual depoeita. Oreo suitable for refractory or cheadcel uses occur in the northern district, oetallurglcal grades (high earott to iron ratio) in the southern. Mine dsvolopwent has been Observed chiefly in the DonsSwye group, near Khrcss-Ton in the southern diirtriot, where conei-derohle expansion la presently In progreoo end core ia planned. At leaatossibly It, nines hare been put into operation herooa or two of these nay be open-pit operations, (fcuflhlng and gradliu-faculties have aloo beee increosed, en old plant baring beenev one put into operationnd onereported under eoaotroction

. * Bfntharo Kesapireay ore of excellent quality, ccntoic-Ingvith lev silica, end having a. cheese to iron ratio as liigho X. Ccanercial ores, sold aa fines, friable, and bard laap, containstdepending upon type, endhrome to iron ratio of acreo 1.

The Soviet enterprise vnoleEale price for run-of-tho-nine dirccrlM

orese oetubles SO EOpecfca per nctric ton.

Fruiaht charges ore additional end any ba greater for the donaatlc

concuoer located at great distance froa Dxi-toc than thoubles 2

kopecks orecka per wtrie ton, charged for rail tttaoent of^o^

* Est Inn te. Official Soviet trade statistics have not been released

" wrict exporte of chrcalto ores exceeded SW.OOO oetrlc tons per me .during thend have risenG0 aetric tonsetric tons2 and toetricu> Kloc countriesohore of the9

0 provide for thic high level of oxporto und to aosure caliMatcd doocstic needs for chroslte, tbo USER3 probably producedillion aatrlc tons of oil" ^teaiuxgloal. roduction fron laanVhrtan's oines is scheduled to bo tvico8 level, and the Soviet plan forof chrccdte ore le cotlasted to bodllloa netrle tons.

igh levol of oojosstle consuaptloo plus erporta In oXoriae of

etric tons. Decent sjinouaceoeats clain fulfillment of3 production plan and tbat fornfoivaatlon available on the current progress of the construction program.

Soviet plans for tbe period5 are largely unknown. Bow-ever, given tho exlotenoo of the large total reserves olalned, and demonstrated Soviet eagerness to obtain bard currency, there ls no apparent reason to doubt tbe USSE vill proceed with earlier announced plana to "greatly enlarge" the Reaiplrsoy odnoe

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