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S*oaoirS*6al of SqportaroRpeda for Ages&olfeiw In Ooajcist eoaair&$o>

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1. Ab of nld-Pcbruary, crop prosptats io tbe USSIt appear to be somewhat better than at tbe sameear ago prinarlly becauseecord area of fall-sown grain and favorable moisture condltiono la tho Hew Leadsarea. Weather daring the growing season will be of paramount importance in detorulnlog theof the harvest of both fell-sown ond spring-sown crops.

S. ecord area of about *i5 Billion hectares,illlon acres, of vhlch about half la winter wheat was seeded to winter grains ln tha fall3 for harvest is. Extremely dry conditions in tbe fall in eoroe areas, especially in tbe Southern Ukraine and Moldavia, affected seed germination and retarded plant development. Tbe Soviets have already indicated that the cry conditions in the fall3 will necessitate coac re seeding in the spring

3- Following an abnormally worn fall ia the wiater grain arses, tho wintercA haa been markederies of warn and cold spollo which has resulted In alternate thawing and free ting. In soae areas, inadequate snow cover has left the grain fields exposed during come of the cold weather, and some Ice crusting has been noted. Thus, fall-oown grains in sooe areas hava been cubjooted to weathersimilar to those which adversely affected the winter grain crop aos roport in late January Indicated that the unusual winter, "has on tha whole not caused substantial damage to tbehere IB little doubt that scene winterkill has occurred.

In the Eev lands' area, the possibilityelatively good grain crop will be harvested inIs Increasing. Above normal precipitation has occurred during the fall ead winter months, and indications are that tOlBtare reserves at the beginning of% crop season in the Sew lands' area will be good. Withtare conditions at sowing tine In April4hy, the Soviets may, la aa attempt to recover froa tbe disastrous wheat cropot increase tha area left In clean fallow toercent as theypreviously Should they follow through on their announced plan to Increase tbe area In clean fallow the sown area will be reduced accordingly,

Although voathor during tho winter gives some indication of the forthcoming harvest, during tho graving and harvesting season it la of paramount Importance in determining tha levol of crop production. Weather during the period May-Augustost crucial to crop development

and crop ooudltlono and proBpaoto during tola period can change rapidly. A1 though oomc rcaultB eon be expected from increosad uae of fertiliser* on grain, the program to raise yields will notajor offsetk.

urrent prospects for the production of lireeloci products In Idol* are nothortage of feed/ vbitth vill continue through the first portoa reaultcd in reduced herds. She mti>cr of evlna is about V8 percent leasear ego. Although feed efficiency nay iaprore sUfiuUy boeaufle^ thS -hotter ratio oftb fted.e herd wVudlOin^ Wll'nave ib oo done at theaect produet*or

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