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SUBJECT; Report by Carlos Prio Socarras on Soviet ililitary Activity in Cuba

1. Former Cuban Presidentarlos Prio Socarras is known to beoriented opportunist whosethe United States is largely conditionedambition to returnosition ofCuba. 1

2. Aa evaluation of the information provided in hisarch letter to President Johnson follows (the paragraph numbers below parallel the relevant paragraphsin the letter):

Soviets possess nosystem comparable toGOLEM II underwater ballisticby Prio. "GOLEM"orld Warfrequently used in the European press

or in popular fiction accounts of general missile activity, and is not the official designator for any known missile system.

high altitudeno suspect or other activity inof Playa Fraile, which Priothe site where Soviet technicians havebeen working on tbe installation

of the "GOLEM II."

Santa Cruz del Norteile range coastal defense cruise

missiles is located near the Bershey Sugar Hill, an area which Prio has referred toussian strategic weaponlle range missiles in underground silos smaller than the silos required for US Uinuteman missiles. Missilesize small enough to fit into such silos would notcile range.

5) Frio also reports the presenceadar network in the mountains near Jaruco and Tapaste which is linked to the strategic missile complex mentioned above* Powerful electronic equipment for tracking US missile launchmgs at Cape Kennedy is also said to be located in the area* We have reliableindicating that an ammunition storage and probable cruise missile support facility is located at Tapaste, Although no electronics/radar facility is known to be in the Tapaste hills, thereumber ofand radar sites locatedS mile radius of Tapaste.

6) The presence in Cuba of SovietNikolai Ycrpylev has been reported in the open press, and he is probably in charge of the Soviet photo-optical satellite tracking station in Cuba. Recent evidence indicates that the station aay now be,

Another important Soviet strategic base is said by Prio to be located in the Bellaaar caves near Uaxaiixas. Newly built tunnels are said to lead from the caves to submarine pens in Mataxizas bay. Tho Bellamar caves serve as an ammunition and small arms Storage depot, and are not suitable for storage of large military equipment because of tbe

St.AAnnAS^ Of the


Tbe information provided by Prio in paragraph nine generally conforms with known

" tt

military activity in tbe areas cited, except for tbe reported concealment of strategic missiles in the quarries near Llnouar t Limonar is the former Soviet headquarters for thesector air defense forces and the locationuban ground forces training installation*

We have examined the areas of suspect activity cited by Br* Prio and find nothing which wouldhis allegation that strategic missiles are based in Cuba. Host of the information contained in his letter ofarch appears to be based on fabrication or upon exaggeration of previously identified military activity on the island.

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