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ehran conducted at least five operations against antiregimo exiles:

Onarch, pro-Iranian Hizballah operatives bombed the Israeli Embassy is Buenos Aires.killing more (bannd wounding at. We believe that Iran,inimum, had foreknowledge of tbe attack. Iran's Embassy in Buenos Aires may have provided logistic support.



Worth Watcklna: Iranian Links to Muslim Migrants in Europe

We suspect that Iran is increasingly recruiting and using Muslim migrants in Europe as support assets for terrorist, subversive, and intelligence operations. Migrants already have been ustd in several attacks:

Over the long term, continuing antiforeign sentiment In Western Europe may increase Iran's ability to recruit frustrated, socially alienated, and embittered North African and Middle Eastern

The Tehran preii, forontinuously cjcoorialed the United Sutea for failing to protect Bosnia's Muslims, describing this as part of"plot'" egainst Ihe Muslim world. In July, the Iranian newspaper Salam portrayed the Untied State* as the "primary enemy" of rxvarutindJ

Tbe threat of Iranian ipooooi nd tmoriin in Eaalern Europe and most of the former Sotlet Union win rcsstain low3 becauseocxrsed on esU bushing operatioaai haaes there. The odds of IraBlaas-gBovMred tervorttaa ia Aierfcaijaa aad th* UkraiBC anP*x. Iwargrer.

"jbm ia justitsate oOOC" ra fcanern Europe aad the CcrtncxcwtaKh of Independent Suits (CIS) by esub-bshing diplomatic relatioiu and opening embassies.esult, the Iranian* probably tn not yet well positioned to conduct terrorist attacks in those

Salman RusfcrBe's publicern cats andaised Iran's Ire, and Tehran will continue to try to km lb* British author during the year ahead.

Risthdie and Tehraa traded barbsushdie made several trip* to continental Europe and one to the United Sutea to rally public and covero-toent opiBioD against Tehran. Iran responded by reafiumrtf9 deatbainst bim, and, in November, the Iranian foundgtioo "Cbordad IS" increased the bounty onhead from its criminal US S2 million base The foundation claimed the increase was possible because the initial sum bad been "profiubrylto in November, ga Iranian newspaper asserted that tbe Weat'i efforts to supportwere fotile because the death seg-tCDce was not dictated by ihr slate but was "divine."


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