Created: 6/7/1993

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RWANDA-UGANDA: ObiKtion* to UN Border Force

Delays inN monitoring fore* along theborder are increasing the risk of renewed rightingrebels and the Hum-dominated Rwandan Cmvernment,another rebel offensive backed by arms deliveredUN officials have completed preparations to stationobserver force alongmile border, according toleaders are

reneging on their agreement to permit tnfrooserver force and have askedecurity Council hearing. The rebels are also stalling the

CeoutwaC Although the yearlong peace talks have been making steady progresseadline this month on political, military, and humanitarian issues, tbe rebels' about-face over the monitors is making the distrust worse. They apparently have notilitary option, but they probably will put off any offensive until they see what comes from the Wilts. Even if the border force is deployed, it probably could not curtail Uganda's support for the rebelslear mandate!


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