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Malik enjoys greater populahiy than eitherr Amanullah Khan, bul it remains WKenain whether Malik's facaon will prevail. Malik's sapponen: comprise bothnd militants, and ihe uneasy alliance is likely lo fny before long

Afghan-Pakistan Relations Spiraling Downward

The Afghan representative to the United Nationsetter bast month lo Secretary General Bouirous Bootros-Ghali asking thai the UNpecial inquiry delegation to Heral to investigate the "hundreds of Pakistani military personnel seen in Herat-t

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anger reached new highs last month when unruly Afghans destroyed (he Pakistani Embassy.akistaniI. and seriously wounded the Ambassador. The attack came tn spite ot an official Pakistani requesi for increased security in the wake of the fall of Herat.inimum, the Afghan government shared responsibility in the incident by not preventing the attack Afghan officiate refused to apologue and claimed thai the crowd attacked the compound in responsehot being fired from inside the Pakistani Embassy

eporter on the scene noted that government security forcesheckpoint on the road made no effort to intervene to nop theas they stormed theci

Kabul has been complaining for months about Pakistani efforts toredominantly Pashtun opposition alliance to further iu own interests against Rabbani* Tapk-Icd regime- Foreiample. the government protested vehemently when Pakistan hosted the visit of the ex-King Zahir Shah's son-in-law. whom many believe was testing the waterseturn of the King this summer. Kabul also has been alarmed by Pakistani actions it believes are aimed attable trading route through western Afghanistan to Central Asia.

ccntly. officials that negotiations with Taliban to open up the trans-Afghanistan Chaman-Torghundi road to Centralbeen allocated money for badly-nU-wcre nearing conclusion.

Pakistani technicians sax up telephone cables to the Taliban-captured provinces immediately after Rabbani ally Ismael Khan's retreat from Herat. Press reports indicated that Pakistan andwould soon be linked through these tclccom-munication faciliiies.i

Pakistan's diplomatic retaliation for the destruction of its Embassy has only strengthened Rabbani's perception that Islamabad is undermining his authority.

has expelled Rabbani's Special Envoy in Islamabad from the countryctober into declaringfghan diplomats persona non grata onoreign Ministrycited the Kabul government's refusal to apologize for the attack on its Kabul Embassy and President Rabbani's allegations as grounds for the dismissals, according to the Embassy.

representative to the United Nations totd the General Assembly this month that it could no longer recognize the Kabul regime as theAfghan government because Rabbani controls only five ofrovinces and bis administration is narrowly Tajik-based, according to press.!-

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